Hannukah_Gifts for_Mom

Eight nights of Hanukkah celebration with your family can be tiring (and overwhelming, and annoying, and infuriating, and…), but let’s face it—that’s what the Jewish holiday is all about. Spending time with family, we mean. Sure the latkes are delicious—when else can you eat plates full of fried potatoes without feeling guilty about needing a miracle to zip your jeans the next day?—and the traditions bring back memories of your childhood, but too much family time can definitely lead to some unwelcomed stress. And no one needs a How to Get Away With Murder situation on their hands during the December holidays, now do they? Our suggestion: Stop whining, start wine-ing, and get your mom a special Hanukkah gift card to make up for those rebellious teenage years. And make it a big one. She deserves it.

 Pamper her for once.

She’s been putting candles in those menorahs (and then cleaning them up) for seven nights now—not to mention the years of slaving away in the kitchen that she already has behind her. Don’t you think she deserves some down time on the last night to get dolled up for night eight? Get her a Hanukkah gift card to Goldplaited salon in Chicago to treat her to a bouncy blowout and a fresh face of makeup so she can look like the hot mama that she is while lighting the menorah and playing dreidels. It’s not only a gift for her, but the answer to your dad’s Hanukkah prayers, too. Hubba hubba. (Sorry, eww).

Oil her up.

Listen up, because you’re going to benefit from this Hanukkah gift card. It’s mostly for mom, but we promise, you’re in for a treat, too. If your mom loves watching the Food Network and grocery shopping and perfecting her top-secret recipes, then you need to send her to Oh, Olive! in Chicago. They have bottles of EVOO out the wazoo, plus jams for her donuts and gourmet balsamics for the salad. See what we mean? It’s essentially like sending a gift card to yourself.

The gift of glitz.

Jennifer Fisher is the queen of jewelry, and your mom is the queen of the world, so we think this Hanukkah gift card for a new customized necklace will more than suffice. She can choose the metal, the chain, and all the charms of her dreams. Maybe she’ll even have your initials stamped onto one. This gift is sentimental, thoughtful, and super stylish. Talk about a Hanukkah to remember.

Get her brows did.

Sure, you know all the it-girls are all about bowing down to the brow, but your mom probably isn’t bookmarking magazine pages of Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins to take to the salon for not-pencil-thinspiration. (Read: she doesn’t know that the kids are into full brows these days). Send her a gift card to Los Angeles eyebrow queen, Kelley Baker Brows, so she can look even younger than she already does. Aren’t you happy you inherited those genes?

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