We all know at least one person who is how shall we say it, health conscience? You’d probably even call her a health nut. So, when it comes time to buy the health nut a gift, what do you buy? Probably not a pound of chocolate.

Here are a few food gift ideas sure to please any health nut you know.

Food savers
While this first item on the list isn’t actually a food, it will allow the health nut to waste less of those fresh ingredients she loves cooking. Food savers help clean up your fridge and keep your half-used produce lasting longer.

Herb garden
Keeping in line with the food savers, gifting an herb garden is a great idea for the health nut. This will allow her to add fresh flavors to all those healthful meals she prepares. It’s a cinch to take care of an herb garden (even if your thumb isn’t too green). Plus, you can’t compare the taste of dried herbs over fresh.

Homemade granola
Who says all gifts have to be bought. When you are in need of a gift for a health nut, consider trying your hand at homemade granola. Homemade granola tastes much fresher than store-bought brands.

You also have the ability to customize it to the exact tastes of the recipient. If she doesn’t like raisins, don’t use them. Dried cranberries or cherries would make a lovely substitute.

Trailmix of the month club
Yes, this is a thing. If your health nut friend is super active and always heading out on a hike or long bike ride, she will greatly appreciate this gift. Trailmix of the month clubs make it a cinch for your friend to stash a bag of trailmix in her backpack and snack when she needs that energy boost.

Antioxidants abound in teas. For the health nut, it makes a great gift idea. It’s a healthful drink she can enjoy to get going in the morning or calm her as the day winds down.

Giftbar of Choice
Even with all of these great gift ideas for the health nut, are you still undecided about what to buy? Here’s one last suggestion you should feel confident about giving. It’s the Giftbar of Choice.

The Giftbar of Choice is a great gift card option for all occasions, because it gives the recipient total freedom to select a gift from one of our carefully selected merchants. That means if she’s actually craving chocolate but doesn’t want to admit, your health nut can treat herself to chocolate from Chocovivo or anything else she’d like from one of our merchants.

The Giftbar of Choice allows total freedom.

These gift ideas are sure to please any health nut. Whether you go store-bought or homemade or opt for a gift card, these gifts will keep her feeling good.

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