You’ve all probably got at least one guy you’ve got to shop for every now and then. Regardless of the occasion, men are notoriously difficult to shop for. Either they seem to have everything they could possibly need or claim there’s nothing at all they want. Whatever they say, it’s bound to annoy you.

Lucky for you, here are some Dos and Don’ts you can use the next time you’ve got to shop for any man in your life, regardless of the occasion or recipient.


  • Purchase a unique and upscale clothing or accessory item.
  • Select a gift you know goes along with things he likes to do.
  • Put a personal stamp on your gift.
  • Talk to his friends to get ideas.


  • Go for a cheesy tie or traditional leather belt.
  • Purchase anything that will remind him of work.
  • Give a gift you want to give but that may not interest him.

Okay, so you’ve got some basic Dos and Don’ts when it comes to shopping for the guys in your life. The biggest DO is get him an email gift card. I know, I know. It SOUNDS like a very impersonal idea. It’s not. Not when you’ve got Giftbar and all the fabulous merchants they’ve collected for you.

Check out some top-rate ideas to make your him gifting easy with email gift cards.

Trunk Club (New York, NY)
For the man who dreams of his wardrobe coming to him all picked out in a box, email him a gift card to Trunk Club. A stylist will handpick outfits, shoes and any other accessories and ship it to him in a box. This is for real. These are high end brands, too, including Theory, Eton and Jack Spade.

The Denim Lounge (Chicago, IL)
This shop is all about DENIM. Think he’s looking for a new pair of jeans? Send an email gift card to The Denim Lounge and he’ll be able to choose from all the latest denim trends from brands such as AG Jeans, DL1961 and J Brand.

Urban Grape (Chestnut Hill, MA)
Does the man on your shopping list love to sit back and enjoy a good glass of wine. Send him to Urban Grape. Here the wines are all organized by body. This makes it very easy for him to select a wine to go along with a special dinner he’s having or recipe he’s trying.

You’ve got your Dos and Don’ts of him gifting and perhaps most important of all, you have a taste of all the incredible merchants Giftbar has to offer. So, the next time you need a gift for him, make it easy on you and send an email gift card from Giftbar!

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