O_N_E _D_R_O_P

It’s day six of Hanukkah and there’s two left to go. Ok, so maybe you don’t have merely hours left for gifting, but you’re definitely cutting it close. You don’t want to have to go out into the cold just to go shopping (for someone other than yourself) right? No, no, nope.

Just hop on over to Giftbar and order the rest of your Hanukkah gifts from bed. No need to pay a rush fee or worry about writing an “I’m sorry this is late” note to add to the gift tag. The gift cards are delivered instantly. So—not that we’re condoning further procrastination—you could even wait a few more hours. You know, if your computer, phone, and tablet are all just out of reach and getting out of bed is out of the question.

For Her

After eight days of cooking, baking, dreideling, and hosting all of your family and friends, she deserves some relaxation (and maybe a bit of detox from those doughnuts and bottles upon bottles of wine). Enter The Detox Market a.k.a. her knight in shining wrapping paper. With a gift card to this L.A. lifestyle shop, she can splurge on non-toxic and pure skincare, makeup, bath products, or even a juice cleanse to get her back into her pre-Hanukkah health state. Eight days of gluttony followed by eight days of cleansing? Sounds… well… it’s her gift card to spend.


For Him

Again, the last thing we’re sure he’s trying to do is cook another meal after Hanukkah is complete. There are probably zero clean dishes left in the entire house, anyway. Kitchensurfing to the rescue! Send your Hanukkah host a gift card to this online community of top-notch chefs in the area so they can enjoy a candlelit, hands-off, stress-free dinner complete with gourmet grub, plenty of drinks, and—yes—even cleanup. L’chaim!


For Kids

To give mom and dad a break to enjoy their fancy-schmancy night in, send the little one a Hanukkah gift card to The Kids’ Table. Why? So they can learn a few recipes to bring home to mom and dad for even more kitchen-free time. OK, so maybe they won’t leave their class at this Chicago cooking class, but hey, it’s never too soon to get the kiddos excited about making their own food… especially when it’s actually good for them. We’ll call this one a healthy happy meal.


For Whoever

Have you heard of our Giftbar of Choice? Maybe you lost the slip of paper that had your day eight gift recipient printed on it and you umm, just can’t seem to remember who you were supposed to shop for. With our universal gift card, they can spend, spend, spend at any of our featured Giftbar merchants. That’s a lot of options… which is great, you know, since you actually don’t know who will be receiving this gift. You’re welcome.  

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