Eight nights of Hanukkah means eight nights of celebration means eight nights of bottomless champagne flutes. L’Chayim. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to squeeze into a tight dress (whoops, those fried foods are catching up to you) and wobble around the party in sky-high stilettos all night long. Who are you trying to impress? Your second cousin Ari who still wears his bar mitzvah suit to every family gathering? Didn’t think so. So slip into something a little more comfortable and cozy up. You’ve got a fun- (and jelly-)* filled eight days ahead of you.

*Yes—we’re still talking about the doughnuts.

Buttoned Up

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of Eberjey. Just kidding. The dreidel’s made of clay, but your new favorite PJs were made by Eberjey. The masterminds behind this Miami lingerie and loungewear boutique know how to make some pretty damn comfortable (and damn pretty) kickback wear, sure to keep you cozy-chic for all of December. We love the Gisele PJ Set  because it’s comfy, cuddly, and chic… but mostly because wearing it makes us feel like Gisele. We’ll keep saying our prayers for that one.


Slipped In

For the after hours celebration, if you know what we mean (nudge, nudge). The Mimi Holiday Dacquoise Slip from Brooklyn Fox Lingerie will keep you looking and feeling foxy and festive—come on, the word ‘holiday’ is in the name—after the candles on the menorah are blown out. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind a Hanukkah gift card to this shop as his present on day eight. Just think of it as a gift for both of you.


Tied Up

Get your mind out of the gutter. If you’re the type who likes to keep cozy (check) but who also likes to blast the heat at a sweltering temperature (double check), then the Fleur’t With Me Cozy Nights Romper from Boston’s Forty Winks boutique is definitely your JAMmies. The shorts-on-the-bottom, long-sleeves-on-the-top combination makes it possible to snuggle under a blanket without getting too hot, but keep your arms out to hold your mug of hot cocoa without getting too cold. Warning: Don’t wear this one on the nights you plan to double fist the wine bottles… it’s not exactly bathroom friendly.


Cardig- In

For the nights when a thermal and footie pajamas just aren’t enough. You’ve hit the ultimate coziness when you throw on the lil mary kate cardigan from sweater master, souchi in Chicago. Of course, we die for any chunky sweater, but this blanket with arms (done right) will keep you warm and snuggle-worthy soft even if you do need to undo a few a buttons by the end of the night.**

**No—we’ll never stop talking about the doughnuts.


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