New flash: Christmas is tomorrow. Therefore, today is Christmas Eve, and if you’re still shopping for presents to put under the tree, well, we have no advice other than to make a New Year’s resolution to procrastinate less next December. Even more unfortunately for you, it’s hardest to explain to a kid why there was no present under the tree this year because, most likely, they still plan on leaving out milk and cookies for a fat bearded man sliding down their chimney tonight.

The good news? Giftbar is always here to help. We’re the authority on last-minute gifting, after all. No more nervous sweating and anxious wine sips trying to explain to your sweet little niece why her present isn’t under the tree, guaranteed.

For a curtsy and a bow.

Little girls twirling around in tutus on their tiptoes? We mean… can you even? It’s almost too cute to handle. Just almost. At Baby Take A Bow in Chicago, this little one can practice her plies or his killer hip hop moves to perfection. Watch out Dancing With The Stars, because you’re about to be outshined.


For the professional napper.

This little bundle is less of a ballerina and more of a newborn baby who doesn’t quite yet understand the magic of Christmas. Phew, practical gifts for mommy it is. Gift this little nugget (ahem, or momma) a little shopping extravaganza at Chicago’s Monica + Andy for stylish baby duds—think elephant prints and teeny tiny tees (we dare you not to swoon)—and cuddle essentials that may get a babble from baby, but will surely get a smile from mom.


For the future Project Runway champion.

We don’t hear Heidi saying “auf wiedersehen” anytime soon in this little one’s future. He or she will be going all the way to New York Fashion Week after a few sewing lessons from Sew Crafty Studio, thanks to a certain last-minute Christmas gift from someone reading this particular blog at this very moment. Whether her favorite subject is art (bonjour, future Picasso), or she really loves fashion, she’ll sew love this present.


For a whole new toy store-y.

The kiddo-approved that never goes out of style—his pick at whatever toy catches his eye in Tye’s Toy Store. You can pass on your love of the classics—Legos, sock monkeys, a good old-fashioned teddy bear—or let them choose a trendy toy that you’ve never heard of but will certainly earn the tot some serious playground-cred. Which means you’ll probably earn favorite auntie-cred as well. Huh, how about that? *wink*


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