No one wants their kids’ playroom to be boring! After all, it’s supposed to be a space where they can play, be creative and just get inspired.

Whether you’re designing your kids’ first playroom or looking to spruce up an existing playroom, here are some tips for freshening things up:

  1. Consider using carpet tiles. They can easily be replaced after that inevitable spill.
  2. When shopping for playroom furniture, look for pieces that grow with your children. For instance, shop for a table with adjustable legs.
  3. Set up different stations for different activities (coloring, legos, books, etc.) so you can keep different areas of the playroom organized for one specific activity.
  4. If you want to add pattern to the playroom, it doesn’t necessarily need to be done using cartoon characters. Mix it up and use patterns you might use in your own room… just make sure the colors are bright and fun.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to update your kids’ playroom, why not surprise them with some gift ideas to really spruce it up and make it WAY exciting for them.

Lucky for you, Giftbar has got a wide selection of merchants dedicated to things for your chickadees! Let’s get shopping!

Flying Carpet (Give Wink, North Miami, FL)
Flying Carpet
Think of all the adventures and wild stories your kids will come up with when you get them this Flying Carpet to spruce up their playroom. Each rug has a sturdy bottom with a water repellent coating that allows it to be used inside or outside. More than one of these rugs can be connected to create any size you want with Fatboy’s iconic red buttons.

If you want to treat your kids to a shopping spree instead, you can give them a gift card to Give Wink.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Linen Pillow (Norman and Jules, Brooklyn, NY)

Mickey Mouse Linen PillowMinnie Mouse Linen pillow

Who doesn’t love Mickey & Minnie Mouse? These timeless Disney character pillows are the perfect addition to a kid’s playroom. A gift card to Norman and Jules is also available.

Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set (Hank & JoJo, Brooklyn, NY)
Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set
A playroom is much more fun when there are toys in it! Bring some classic children’s fun to your spruced up playroom with this figure 8 train set. This the perfect starter set for any child. It includes 22 pieces: 2 train cars, 14 pieces of track, a crossing bridge, station house and 3 trees.

Want to thrill your kids with a toy shopping spree? Give a gift card to Hank & JoJo.

3 Sprouts Toy Chest (Twinkle, Twinkle Little One, Chicago, IL)
3 Sprouts Toy Chest
If you want your kids to pick up their playroom once they’ve finished playing, make clean up fun with these Sprouts toy chests. You have a choice of three chests (leopard, poodle or whale). Each one measures 14.5” X 24” X 15”. The sides are reinforced with cardboard to keep your chest standing tall. A lid hides all the kids’ toys. Gift cards are also available.

With the tips in this article and the cool and functional gift ideas featured, you’re sure to spruce up your kids’ playroom into a space they’ll love playing in for the foreseeable future.

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