When searching for a last minute birthday gift idea, keep it simple and stick with a gift card. The reason being, if you’re in a time crunch it’s unlikely you’re going to find the perfect gift. With a gift card, the recipient gets to determine what his idea of the perfect gift is.

In need of some advice on the most awesome gift cards out there? Check out this list of some eclectic merchants offering gift cards that would be the perfect last minute birthday gift idea.

A + R (Venice, CA)
The great thing about this Venice, CA shop is that it’s got a little bit of everything. That really makes it the perfect gift card choice. Here he’ll find everything from kitchen gadgets to clocks and carafes, slippers and anything else he can dream up.

Sterling & Burke (Washington, DC)
This boutique is all about simple styles and classic sophistication. A variety of fine leather goods are offered, perfectly suited for the career guy. He’ll find British and American Heritage Brands as well as personalized accessories and leather-bound books.

Olives & Grace (Boston, MA)
This Boston shop offers up variety of another kind. Here your birthday guy will find a variety of artisanal treats in addition to handmade gifts and treats. Brands carried include Big Spoon Roasters, Lark Fine Foods and Kinfolk.

Besides being a great store with a variety of delicious treats. Olives & Grace also hosts monthly workshops and tastings to help expand your knowledge of local craftsmen.

Shop 1021 (Chicago, IL)
You’ve heard of a general store? This Chicago shop is really a modern day general store, making it the perfect place to use a gift card. The shops owner, Ann Kienzle, stocks this store with all kinds of treasures including: candles, stationary and coffee table books.

Giftbar of Choice
The Giftbar of Choice is the go-to last minute birthday card gift idea. Why? Because it offers the recipient the maximum amount of flexibility. Rather than being limited to one of the amazing Giftbar merchants you choose, your recipient can choose which merchant he wants. That’s all of the great shops and boutiques we’ve mentioned here plus many more!

Last minute birthday gifts are not a problem when you shop at Giftbar. You can select a gift card to one of your carefully selected merchants. Or, allow the recipient to choose where he wants to shop with the Giftbar of Choice. No matter what you choose, you’ll look smart and not like you made a rushed birthday gift selection.

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