Just remembered it’s your best friends birthday? Sure, we all forget our best friends birthday occasionally. Or maybe your brother’s birthday is coming up. You didn’t exactly forget about it, but you kept pushing off the actual gift buying.

Now you’re in crunch mode and you have to get a gift. Here’s some birthday gift ideas broken into helpful categories for some of those special people in your life.

The hostess with the most-ess
Is your favorite hostess celebrating a birthday in the near future? Consider getting her a serving tray or serving board. She can proudly use it at her next party to serve cheese, fruits or chocolates.

Want to go the gift card route? Consider a gift card from one of these merchants. They’ve got great products for the consummate hostess.

The career guy
Maybe it’s your brother with the impending birthday. If he’s a guy all about his career, why not get him a fun paperweight to keep on his desk. You could select something with an inspirational message on it or perhaps something quirky that reminds him of his childhood. The nice thing is he’ll see it while he’s working and think of you.

For more fun gift ideas for the career guy, check out these merchants:

The mixologist
If you’ve got a friend who just loves mixing drinks and concocting his own signature cocktails, the perfect last minute birthday gift idea might be a new collection of barware. A bar keep can never have too many glasses on hand, especially if he’s constantly entertaining friends and family and serving his latest and greatest creation.

Think he’s got enough drink glasses? Try a gift certificate to help him add to his wine and liquor collection instead.

The beauty maven
Got a girlfriend who’s about to celebrate a birthday? If she’s got to try all the latest and greatest hair and makeup products, why not treat her to that new shampoo she’s been dying to try. Or maybe a luxurious hand lotion?

Rather treat her to some time at the spa? These gift cards will do the trick.

Remembering a birthday last minute doesn’t have to be stressful. The key is to think about the person you’re shopping for and what their passions are. If you can’t come up with one specific gift, there’s no fault in purchasing a gift certificate to a luxury shop. This way he or she can treat themselves to exactly what they want.

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