No, your calendar is indeed not lying. ‘Tis Christmas Eve and ‘tis time to start freaking out that your Christmas shopping still is not complete. Oops, you did it again.

If you’re stuck in this position because of professional procrastination, seek the help of a therapist. BUT, if you’re just stuck in a rut, unsure of what to gift the one who either has everything or wants nothing… Good thing you’re consulting Giftbar. The key to choosing a gift for someone who’s just impossible to shop for is giving the gift of a full and satisfied stomach. Because who doesn’t love food? If you were about to raise your hand, you obviously don’t have taste buds. We’re going to say it’s safe to assume your giftee does have a tongue, so here are some last-minute, sure-to-be-loved gift card ideas that you yourself would drool over.


Challah french toast, breakfast burrito, crab benedict? All of the above (plus a strong cup of coffee, please).  We just described the brunch of every foodie’s dreams, which is why a gift card to Feast in Chicago is sure to get mouths watering around the Christmas tree. This gift will be used before you can even say, “I expect an invite in return.” Just be sure to include a little room for leftover Christmas cookies and hot cocoa when you return.



Not too many cookies though, because next on the menu is a delectable dinner and dessert at Paramount Room. From classic sandwiches, to steak frites, to juicy burgers—all served with a handcrafted cocktail or tall craft beer, of course—this menu is one for the record books. Plus, the environment is totally cool, with a masculine, lounge-chic vibe that will keep you coming back for just one more drink. And another.



Aaaand another. This time, make it a glass of wine. Or rather, the bottle. Volo Restaurant & Wine Bar offers small plates, artisan cheeses, and scrumptious desserts that pair perfectly with your pour of choice. Sounds like the perfect way to cap off the day, right? And with a cozy, casual atmosphere that’s impossibly charming, there’s simply no doubt in our mind that your giftee will satisfied. And a bit buzzed, perhaps.



Giftbar of Choice. We’ve told you about it before, and you’ve grown to love them so much you put them on your Christmas list this year. Convenient, versatile, and stylish. What more could they ask for?

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