Food is a great way to say thank you. Whether you’re gifting a sweet treat, a trip to a gourmet grocer or a lunch or dinner out, there’s something a bit luxurious about food gifts.

Perhaps because in the case of a gift to a gourmet grocer or a lunch or dinner at a restaurant, you are removing the worry over “what to eat” for at least one meal in a day. In the case of a sweet treat, you’re giving someone the opportunity to be a bit indulgent.

Say thank you with food! When you shop with Giftbar, you’re also giving a gift that helps support locally sourced food and local businesses. Those things are important to you and your community.

Instead of giving a gift basket or food of the month club type thank you gift from an online retailer, choose local. Give a Giftbar gift card to an area merchant to help your community. Here’s why:

  1. Helps keep your community unique.
  2. You are helping local businesses grow and prosper.
  3. In the case of local food, it tastes better and is better for you.
  4. You’ll find the customer service tends to be better.
  5. Your money stays in your community and helps boost the local economy.

For some fantastic local food and restaurant ideas, here are a few suggestions:

Feast Restaurant (Chicago, IL)
To say thank you with the gift of brunch, lunch or dinner, give a gift card to Chicago’s Feast Restaurant. The menu here changes seasonally and can best be described as eclectic. Feast’s owner, Debbie Sharpe, has traveled the globe as a caterer for famous bands, and she’s used her international travel to inspire her menus.

Society Fair (Alexandria, VA)
Whether the recipient of this Alexandria, VA eatery wants to dine in or take it, it’s all possible here. Society Fair serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The person you gift this to can sit down to fine dining with a glass of wine or shop the food market and dine at home.

T Room (Dallas, TX)
A gift card to Dallas’s T Room is ideal for anyone you’d want to thank with a chic lunch. This restaurant is located inside Forty Five Ten, a high-end boutique. Gourmet salads and delectable panini sandwiches are just some of the items served in this fashionable restaurant.

Kitsch’n (Chicago, IL)
Thanking someone who loves relaxed and casual dining, but who still appreciates a little bit of funk? Send them to Kitsch’n. Not only is the menu here full of comfort food, but they also boast a full bar and drink menu consisting of 70s themed tongue-and-cheek named adult beverages.

Say thank you with a local, food gift card. Your recipient will be so thrilled to try any one of these Giftbar merchants, they’ll feel like they owe you!

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