Get outta here, frizz. And could you please fly away, flyaways. Lana sang about Summertime Sadness, but this time, we’re feeling the glad-ness… Because our hair is actually smooth!

For those of you born with supermodel locks, you have no idea just how lucky you are. Because for those of us who spend hours with a blowdryer and straightener and spend $$$ on product upon product, taming our tresses can be a serious b*tch.

Which is why when we discovered Keratin treatments, are minds were blown (not unlike our hair that day, we assume).

So if you’re planning to splurge and spend your salon gift cards on a Keratin treatment (soooo worth it, ladies—pinky promise), here are are few things you should know going in.

  1. When to get it

    • Keratin treatments are hair-smoothing processes that can leave you hair frizz-free for up to 2-3 months. So if you’re in the hard to mane-tame business, treating yourself before summer would be the most ideal time.
    • Straight hair is also ideal for short styles. So if you’ve been considering going under the scissor, now would be a good time to try out the treatment (your stylist will thank you).
  2. How it works

    • The first thing to know is that Keratin isn’t actually the ingredient that works to smooth your hair. Think: Ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide—those will do the trick.
    • These ingredients work by breaking the bonds of your curly hair, and rebuilding them to match the bonds of straighter hair.
    • Most straightening treatments do contain formaldehyde (or a chemical like it). If you’re not so into that, check out Allure for some top-notch formaldehyde-free treatments.
  3. What you’ll need

    • Before going in for your treatment, stock up on sulfate-free shampoo, which you’ll need to use to extend the results as long as possible (hopefully all summer).

Where to go

Sine Qua Non – Chicago


LOCATIONS: Andersonville, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, West Town

PRICE: $255 – $455

Sine Qua Non Gift Cards

Haute Air – New York



PRICE: $280 – $350

Haute Air Gift Cards

The Harlot – Los Angeles



PRICE: $250 – $300

Harlot Salon Gift Cards

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