It’s Monday. Translation: Weekend indulgence is officially over. Further translation: You’re already regretting your decision to cut the sugar this week. We won’t mind if you ditch the detox for these gift card-worthy sweets.


Chocolate cravings are the most basic of basic sweet cravings, but come on… It’s. Chocolate! Aside from air and water, we’re pretty sure it’s, like, the most necessary ingredient for a happy life. Vosges Haut-Chocolat features crazy flavors that will make you raise an eyebrow at first, but lick your lips in the hopes tasting every last speck in the end. Think: bacon (classic), mushroom (interesting…), and coconut ash (huh?).



Again with the life necessities… ice cream. You definitely can live with it, and you certainly can’t live without it. At iCream Cafe in Chicago, you can create your own ice cream, fro-yo, sorbet, milkshake, or hot pudding from scratch. Mhmm. Top it off with fresh fruit if you’re into that (or candy if you’re us), and your sweet treat will be totally guiltless. You worked for it, after all.



The easiest of all sugary indulgences, of course, is candy. Hard candy, chewy candy, powdered candy… whatever your favorite may be, it’s the sweetest treat of all. Sweet Buddha candy shop has everything your sweet tooth could possibly desire from salt water taffy, to lollipops, to crystal sours and so, SO much more. So yeah, spending those gift cards would be a good idea.



…But still sweet. Two words (that combine to make one irresistible word): Pop. Corn. But not just your average overly buttered and salted microwaveable variety. Salted Caramel in Chicago offers gourmet caramel popcorn in a variety of flavors that are finger-licking delish—like Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn and Bleu Cheese Bourbon Caramel Corn.


Sorry… that was just our stomachs collectively growling. Anyone else down for a massive food gift card spending spree?

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