‘Tis the season to be jolly… and hang a lot of holly. (Fun fact: A lot of people mistake holly for mistletoe, so keep those lips moisturized and pucker up). Be careful not to go too “crazy neighbor” with the lights and decorations, though. Nothing—nothing—looks better in blow-up form. Period.

Keep the exterior of your home festive, yet chic, with a wreath and white lights strung on your house and the trees, and then let the snow do the rest of the outdoor decorating. It’s not like you’re ripping open Santa’s presents in the company of snowmen. That’s not even quirky, it’s just crazy. Focus on decking the literal halls inside your home (and the other rooms, of course), because that’s where the food is, which means that’s where the people are… or where we are, at least. And no, singing inflatable elves aren’t allowed inside either. Just keep it simple, elegant, and most of all—glamorous.


For those of us who aren’t British and have only heard of figgy pudding when singing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ during our annual carolling rounds. (We still have a guy with a British accent on our wish lists though). The Fig Salt & Pepper Set from Style Shack should not be used when baking your figgy pudding (stick to the recipe), but it will look Christmas-y chic on the dinner table. One word: Gold. Our favorite holiday—and everyday—color.


Season’s Greetings

Make your ugly sweater party guests feel welcome right when they walk in the door. Mostly because, if you’re from Chi-Town, they’re spending a lot of time de-layering in the foyer before they can even get to the champagne. Frame the Hi Tree Print from Greer Chicago and set it on the table in the entryway (next to a tray of bubbly) so you can say “Hi” as soon as they walk in the door and shake off the snow. Sing it, Taylor.


We’ve Got A Runner

#GoForTheGold with the Mod Placemat & Runner from Chicago home boutique Elevenzees. Paper tablecloths are, like, so a million years ago. We suggest covering your table with crisp white linens and topping it with a sprinkle of glamour with these gold dining room accessories. Warning: If you’re uncorking bottles of red, use extra caution when chowing down on dinner on a white tablecloth. Elbows at the side, face in the food.



For the decoration that keeps on decorating. You’re going through bottles of wine like Yoncé goes through hairstyles. (Side note: How does she manage to rock all of them? Not human). And after drinking every last drop, you may be tempted to just toss the cork, but stop right there. The Black “Cheers” Cork Box from Foursided lets you collect the corks and use them as a quirky holiday decoration. Stock up on two or three of them, because they’re sure to fill up faster than your next glass. We’ll cheers to that.


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