Yes, it’s still April. Yes, it does feel like Christmas was just yesterday. And yes, Mother’s Day is in fact less than two weeks ago. Still don’t have a gift for your stylish mom? We’ve got you covered… with a top coat, of course.

If your mom has everything she wants (they all say it) and won’t give you any clue as to what you can get her for Mother’s Day, it’s best to stray away from things she needs. We don’t want a repeat of the great crock pot fiasco of 2009, do we? Didn’t think so.

The perfect compromise is to send your mama a Mother’s Day gift card for something she wants, needs, and deserves — some major pampering. Gift her a brag-worthy manicure that she’ll love showing off to all her girlfriends, and prepare for more favorite-child points coming your way.

Paintbox – Soho

For the chic mom who prefers black on black, but with a pop on her nails. Each mani at Paintbox transcends the traditional manicure to take her digits to the runway, because each high-design mani is inspired by editorial trends that speak to her effortless elegance.


Primp & Polish – Brooklyn

If your mom’s daily uniform consists of a leather jacket thrown over her shoulders and a pair of studded stilettos (hellooo, hot mama!), then a spa gift card to Primp & Polish is the perfect gift for her. The NYC nail salon specializes in custom nail art that suits her signature style—we’re guessing black and white and bold all over?


Enamel Diction – Los Angeles

Color astrology—it’s the newest trend in nail design, and it’s sure to make your mom feel gorgeous on Mother’s Day. Color astrology determines the colors that would fit best with a client by looking at her birth chart, allowing Enamel Diciton to recommend the colors that will bring out her most radiant beauty.


CHI Nail Bar – Beverly Hills

Spring is finally starting to show her true colors, so it’s time to update your mom’s mani to a fresh and flirty design that fits with the season. CHI Nail Bar is an organic spa that believes outer beauty is a reflection of inner health and balance… and who’s more beautiful than mom? Mom with a mani that makes her feel just as fabulous as she looks, that’s who.

Also in Downtown LA: KI Nail Bar is just as chic, and just as zen. Perfect for mom.


Astrowifey – Chicago 

For the ultimate pampering session, get your mom a Mother’s Day gift card to nail art extraordinaire, Astrowifey in Chicago. But beware: These manis are not for those afraid of standing out in a crowd. We’re talking bold designs, bright colors, studs, embellishment… you get the point. And the best part? Ashley (Astrowifey, herself) comes to you. So your mom doesn’t even have to leave her brunch in bed on Sunday morning. You might have to feed her the french toast though, her hands will be preoccupied.


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