Yep, it’s a real holiday. And whether you put the pants on for a walk around the block, or opt for shorts and just wear the pants in spirit—because it is July, after all—you need to get up off your butt and go enjoy the summer weather!

To celebrate this national holiday, ditch the car for the three block distance to the office and opt for your feet instead. If you have a workout planned for this morning, get an extra pep in your step by walking from the gym, to the juice bar, to the nail salon and home.

And if you’re planning to celebrate National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day in a bigger way than just participating—say by sending your bestie a clothing gift card, perhaps—we’ve got you (or at least your legs) covered.

Maybe she’s the type to ease a walk in her pants into jog around the neighborhood. If so, a gift card to Body Language Sportswear in L.A. would be the most stylish—and stretchy—gift for the occasion. What girl couldn’t use another pair of leggings?

But if your giftee is a fashionable fella who prefers his walking pants to be custom-made, we suggest sending him a digital gift card to duncan quinn (in New York and L.A.). They were the first to make the bespoke suits stylish men have grown to love and trust, and we think a pair of bespoke pants would look quite dapper on a walk to the market.

Our last tip for National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day? Remember to actually put the pants on… Streaking is illegal (and not really something we want to see, thank you).

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