Still in a food coma from Christmas? Mhmm. It’s fine, you still have a week to recover until it’s officially time to get started on those New Year’s resolutions. Still don’t think you’ll be in the mood? Here’s an idea: Send a friend a New Year’s gift card so they can organize and sweat right alongside you. Just think of each other as your personal human alarm clocks (and think of the bottomless mimosas you’ll get to enjoy—guilt free!—together afterward). Now that’s some major motivation.

To have a more stylish existence.

You’ve always wanted a personal image consultant? Well how about that… Sararose has everything you need to step directly into style when the clock strikes 2015. With a gift card to Sararose, you and your bestie can indulge in a style consultation, a seasonal wardrobe overhaul, a closet assessment and organization session, personal shopping, and even travel packing services (no more stressing over what to bring… praise the style gods) with the boutique’s style experts. Living a more fashionable life? Check.


To shake off the last of that baby weight.

Whether you’ve been toting around your precious new bundle of cuddles all holiday season, our your bundle of cuddles is already learning to walk (hence the lack of time to actually start working toward the post-baby body), Prenatal Fit will definitely get you back into your pre-pregnancy shape. In fact, you’ll probably be even hotter than before. Ow ow! Think pilates, yoga, mommy & me classes, and even harder core (seriously, get ready for that six pack) sessions that will put a smile on your face. And your hubby’s, we’re sure.


To work on amplifying that bass.

No treble. Your legs will definitely be in trouble, though, after a few sessions with The Dailey Method—a barre studio like no other. (Their words, not ours. Though we’d certainly have to agree). Sure you’ll be sweaty and tired and unable to walk up your steps, but that beach body will be right around the corner. Also around the corner? Your fave brunch spot where you and your girlfriends can grab some much-needed lattes and grub after your workout. See, not so bad right?


To get (re-)organized.

It’s the same old same every year. In January, your desk looks like it was pulled straight off of a fashion blogger’s Instagram, but by the time December rolls around, you’ve completely forgotten the color of your desktop. It’s buried under lists and notes and empty coffee cups and desperation for more organization once again. This year, you can promise yourself it’s going to be different, because when it comes to closet organization, you’ll have the magic of Deirdre Pursel. She’ll help organize (and edit) your closet, giving you the refreshing feeling of peace of mind and wardrobe that you’ll never want to shake. When we check back this time next year, we’re sure you’ll finally have a different New Year’s resolution. There’s no way you’ll mess this one up.


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