Opening a gift card on your birthday, anniversary, or more recently, Valentine’s Day, most often warrants a sigh of relief. Why? Because you can finally choose your own gift! (Can we get an amen?)

No more accidentally regifting that circa-1987 sweater to the person who gifted it to you in the first place (it hasn’t happened to just us… right?). And you can finally wipe away those fake smiles when opening your sweetheart’s latest attempt at a “romantic” present — another crockpot, really? Cool gift cards give you the chance to be picky, which is definitely what you deserve.

The only thing about everyday gift cards, some may say, is that no matter how much the giftee may love that particular local boutique, restaurant or spa, it’s a common misconception that opening a gift card is, well, b***** (translated to: boring). But that’s the beauty — literally — of Giftbar gift cards… they’re beautiful! Customizable wrappings, photos, and sweet sayings elevate these gift cards to an expert level of gift-giving: the gift-that-keeps-on-giving level.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use your Giftbar gift cards after the shopping spree.

1. Make your mark.

Giftbar cards come individually embellished with designer wrappings in bright colors, bold patterns, and fashion-forward prints that are just too pretty to throw out. Try snipping off the edges of your used, old gift cards (or printing then cutting if you were gifted via your inbox), and using the designer wrapping as a bookmark. Better than that old coffee receipt…

2. Tag, you’re it.

If you’re more of a folded-corner kind of bookworm, take the idea a bit further and craft your one-of-a-kind gift card into a unique gift tag. Snip the eadges into your desired shape, punch a hole in the top, and voila! When finished with coordinating ribbon, you have yourself a gift tag that costs no money, and probably looks more expense than the tags that do make you pull out your wallet.

3. Make a memory.

Our favorite way to refashion Giftbar gift cards, though, is to frame it! When your bestie takes the time to choose a wrapping that she knows you’ll love, scrolls through your thousands of pics together to choose the perfect photo, and writes the sweetest note of all time, there’s no way you’ll want to forget that gift. So buy a cute frame, and display your one-of-a-kind gift for all the world to see.

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