The aunt/niece relationship can be very special. This is especially true if you’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your niece and develop special rituals together. Maybe the two of you share a love of fashion or getting your nails done.

During these times, your niece may choose to share special details about her life that are easier to share with you than her mother. You two bond. Now your niece is marking a special milestone.

Perhaps she’s graduated high school and is about to enter college. You’ve shared a love of fashion all these years, reward her for her latest achievements with a gift card to a stylish boutique.

All About Me (Buffalo Grove, IL)
For the niece who is super on trend, she’ll totally love a gift card to All About Me. The shop’s owner, Robbyn Ratskoff, keeps her boutique current with the season’s latest trends and colors. Your niece will be able to select from such brands as Rebel Yell, Vintage Havana, Lauren Moshi and Genetic.

Flat 128 (New York, NY)
If your niece is obsessed with British style, she will love Flat 128. This trendy boutique is stocked with things you cannot find anywhere else this side of the pond. The store’s owner opened her shop after she spent her 20s in London falling in love with the fashion. Now your niece can shop for a bit of classic British grunge for her own wardrobe.

Wish (Boston, MA)
This Boston boutique specializes in finding the clothing and accessories that emulate runway looks. That makes this the perfect shop for your fashion loving niece. She will be able to pick out looks here that her friends will never find. Brands featured here include DVF, Joie and AG.

Britt Ryan (Washington, DC)
Has your niece always been a bit on the preppy side? Does she love pleated skirts, button up, collared blouses and bold colors and patterns? Britt Ryan is the perfect shop for her. She certainly won’t blend into the background in the fun chevron and paisley patterns carried in this boutique.

Jill Roberts (Beverly Hills, CA)
Beach chic is the best way to describe Jill Roberts. So, if your niece is casual while at the same time always on trend, she will love shopping here. This boutique features bright colors in many of the pieces carried. As this shop is a celebrity favorite, your niece may be sharing all the details of her celebrity sighting, too!

Despite this amazing line up of gift card options, you might want to give your niece a little more freedom to shop wherever she wants. Consider then, the Giftbar of Choice. She’ll still be able to shop at one of Giftbar’s trendy and fashionable merchants, but this way she’ll have the opportunity to choose which one. It really is the perfect reward!

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