Headed to an engagement party? Not sure what to get the bride-and-groom-to-be. Get some help with these tips so you can save time and focus on other things. Like what you’re going to wear to the engagement party.

Personalized frame
You can never have too many elegant picture frames. This is especially true if someone you know is getting married. There will likely be countless photos the happy couple will want to frame in the future. Add some personalization to the frame to make it truly special and meaningful to the couple.

Monogrammed towels or bed linens
Get the couple use to their new initials (especially if you know she’s changing her name) with monogrammed towels or bed linens. The nice thing about this gift is it’s practical. The couple will certainly use towels or bed sheets.

To ensure this gift is used often, don’t buy any fancy patterns or wild colors. Stick with the basics so the bride-and-groom-to-be gets a lot of use out of your gift.

Between the engagement party and up until the wedding, the happy couple is going to have a lot of thank you note writing to do. Get them off to a stylish start with some chic stationary to write their correspondences.

Champagne flutes
At weddings, there’s always a toast between the bride and groom. You know, where they toast to their new life together and take a sip (or more) of champagne. Why not give the happy couple a set of fancy champagne flutes now for the big day.

Stay away from something too ornate. Stick with a pair that are sleek and classic. After all, wouldn’t you rather see the couple toast from these for years to come, rather than stick them in a China cabinet to gather dust?

Wedding keepsake box
There are a lot of small mementos the bride and groom can gather on their wedding day. Gift them a beautiful wedding keepsake box to store these precious items. Most are wooden with a glass top and can be stored on a coffee table or other flat service. This way every time the couple looks at it, they think about one of the happiest days of their life.

Giftbar of Choice
If you’re looking to give the bride-and-groom-to-be a little more freedom to choose what they want as an engagement gift, give them the Giftbar of Choice. This allows the couple to choose from any one of Giftbar’s carefully curated merchants.

If they want stationary, they can choose a stationary boutique to use their gift card. Maybe a bottle of wine is more their style (or a good way for them to de-stress from wedding planning). The happy couple will find wine shops as well as spas and clothing and accessories boutiques. Pretty much if they can name it, they should find it or better with the Giftbar of Choice.

Don’t be caught stressing out over what you should buy as an engagement gift. Save time and use one of these suggestions for hassle free shopping.

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