Do you have Christmas socks or a Santa mug on your wish list this year (or ever)? No answer needed. No matter if it’s at the office, at your annual country club Christmas party, or at Friendsmas, there’s always that one Secret Santa party on your holiday itinerary that you dread. Mostly because of the useless, cliché “gift” you have to pretend to like, but also because you have to find the old useless, cliché gift you received last year to re-gift this year.

We have an idea for you… betchya can’t guess it… It’s Christmas gift cards. They’ll make any Secret Santa recipient happy—whether guy or gal—and they’re something he or she will actually use. Unlike the coupon for a free burrito you pulled from the mailbox the morning before the party. They’re just as easy, though. Trust us. Just a little more stylish.

The collector.

When the name you draw out of the Santa hat is that of a friend who uses her bookshelves for decor and knickknacks rather than actual books, obviously a gift card to White’s Mercantile in Nashville is a necessity. Gourmet foodstuffs, luxe apothecary products, homey decor, and boho-chic accessories are what the shop’s all about. And she’s all about that place (‘bout that place).


The decorator.

For the one who would love White’s Mercantile, but lives in Jersey and would rather not fly south for a shopping spree, Perch Home is the east coast equivalent. The shop is stocked with jewelry, candles, cozy apparel, and home goods galore. Sound like her? We thought so. Gift card. Get one.


The primper.

For the L.A.dy who’s a vamp. This holiday season at the girls’ (boozy) Secret Santa get-together, gift her a pampering sesh instead of that bottle of nail polish you decided didn’t look great with your skin tone. At Assembly Salon in Beverly Hills, she can choose her own nail color (gasp!), perfect her makeup look, and leave with a brand new ‘do. Now that’s what I call a Secret Santa gift.


The accessorizer.

If your Secret Santa giftee this year is the friend with a love of flowy tops, chunky sweaters, ripped denim, and floppy hats, she deserves a Christmas gift card to certified jewelry junkies Tess + Tricia. The necklaces are the perfect blend of delicate and edgy, and she’ll never want to take off the oh-so-boho beaded bracelets (say that five time fast). Extra fringe, not included. But highly encouraged.

Psst… Insider secret: If your Secret Santa partner this year is the guy whose cubicle is on the complete opposite side of the office and you’ve only made eye contact that one terribly awkward time at the water cooler, go for a Giftbar of Choice—the perfect thoughtful, yet doesn’t-take-a-lot-of-thought, Xmas gift for, umm, what’s his name.

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