Picking out just the right gift for a housewarming party can be tricky… especially if you are not sure about the recipient’s home decor style.

In order to make shopping for a housewarming gift a little less stressful, here’s a list of housewarming gift ideas that will be well received and shouldn’t clash with anyone’s personal style.

Orange Pastille Guest Soap Gift Box (Maison 24, New York, NY)
Orange Pastille Guest Soap Gift Box
Guest soaps make a thoughtful housewarming gift, because it’s a bit of luxury not every homeowner or apartment dweller thinks about. This set from New York’s uber-chic Maison 24 is extra sweet because they are inspired by Parisian macarons.

This set of 15 guest soaps are made of 100% natural shea butter and have not been tested on animals. You can always opt for a gift card. This way the recipient can choose whichever stylish item she’d like from this boutique.

Missoni Karlos Throw (Stitch, Chicago, IL)
Missoni Karlos Throw
You might not be thinking about chilly fall and winter nights, but they will definitely be back in a few months. Why not gift this gorgeous Missoni throw from Stitch? It is completely made to order in Italy and is available in either a brights color palette or neutrals. The neutral selection is perfect if you’re unsure about the recipients home decor.

You can also give a gift card to Stitch if you really are unsure of what would make for an awesome housewarming gift.

Pig Artisan Round (Patch NYC, Boston, MA)
Pig Artisan Round
If you’re going to be attending a housewarming party for someone you think will be throwing a lot of parties in the future, consider this artisan maple board from Patch NYC. It offers a great way to display everything from cheeses to cupcakes.

These round maple boards are made in the USA and measure 14.5” long and 10” wide. Also consider a gift card from this Boston shop, so the lucky recipient can choose from there eclectic offerings.

Eggplant Silver Coasters (Nest, Dallas, TX)
Eggplant Silver Coasters
This set of 4 coasters from Dallas’ Nest can be put to use as soon as they are received. They are an elegant way to protect fine surfaces from the condensation of drinking glasses.

For an added bit of elegance, they are edged in 24K gold. Because this is a natural product, no two coasters will look alike. This is a truly unique set. A gift card to Nest allows the recipient the chance to shop for even more unique home decor pieces, if you choose.

Give the coolest gift in the room, with these stylish housewarming gift ideas. If none of these gifts mentioned are quite what you’re looking for, don’t forget the gift card option. This will enable the recipient to choose the decor item she most wants from a stylish Giftbar merchant of your choice.

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