With only 11 days left until the official start of summer, you’ve already pulled out your bikinis and brimmed hats and tucked away your turtlenecks. And as your skin begins to peek out from beneath the layers once again, you need to make sure it’s ready to be shown off.

So even if you’re planning an indoor Netflix binge-watching marathon this weekend (the third season of Orange is the New Black premieres in two days FYI), you’re probably headed to the beach soon… Which means it’s time to crack down on your summer skincare and spend those gift cards, ladies.

Thibiant Beverly Hills – DC

You know what isn’t the new black? Orange skin. So while we love the fact that you’ve ditched the tanning beds for self-tanner, you probably don’t love your orange palms. The experts at Thibiant have created the most innovative custom color formulas in the business to ensure that your spray Tahitian-getaway looks perfectly golden and au naturel. Fake it ’til you actually make it to the beach, right?

Evolue Beauty – LA

After a long winter and cold spring, your skin is probably screaming for some much-needed and long-awaited hydration. Use your spa gift cards at Evolue and invest in the luxury beauty brand’s Dry Skin Kit. The products* work together to hydrate your skin from within and form a protective barrier against UV exposure, which dries your skin even more. Phew.

*Cleanser/makeup remover, firming toner, exfoliating scrub, exotic oil, AND eye cream. Shelves = stocked.

A New Spirit – Denver

Tanks, bathing suits, strapless dresses, and off-the-shoulder everything guarantee that your beautiful back will be on display this summer. Enter the back facial—yep, facials aren’t just for your face anymore. This deep cleansing treatment controls oiliness and breakouts while hydrating the often-neglected area. Betchya never even thought about it until now.

Bare Necessities – Houston

Now that your back is bikini ready, it’s time to get—ahem—the rest of your body prepped for the lack of clothing on the horizon… if you catch our drift. This Houston waxing boutique offers head-to-toe waxing for both ladies and gents—from the brows, to the lips, to the underarms and all the way downstairs. Now that’s a gift card well spent.

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