You know that friend… The one who calls you incessantly in the morning until you wake up to go to yoga with her. Yeah, that’s who these gift cards are for.

You usually go because you know she’ll treat you to post-yoga brunch (complete with mimosas), but she goes for the relaxation and rejuvenation. So what better way to show you that you appreciate her love of yoga—without having to love it yourself—than with a sporty gift card for free yoga classes?

So the next time she calls at 6 a.m. you can say, “Namaste in bed, you go.”

“Call me back when the food’s ordered.”


The best part about a gift card to exhale is that she’ll be able to try out a whole slew of new workouts. Yoga, barre, boot camps, core fusion… the list goes on. And did we mention the spa—complete with massages, facials, manis, pedis, waxing and body scrubs? Maybe you should start getting back into yoga.


Joy Yoga Center

Located in good ol’ Houston TX, Joy is the center of all things yoga. This studio can accommodate any type of yogi—from beginners to the almost too flexible. There are a ton of different classes for her to try (Joy Yoga Flow, Lunch Power Hour, and Restorative Yoga to name a few) and even a couple of classes for you to try… Umm, Vino and Vinyasa Night anyone?



For the beach babe yogi. This Miami yoga studio has a class at every level, so she can work her way up to true yogi status. And once she becomes a regular, she can even go on Trio retreats to… what’s that? Oh, NICARAGUA. Again, maybe you should also start wearing your yoga pants for more than just Bachelor Mondays and #TGIT.


Frankie’s on the Park

Ok, so maybe she already has her favorite yoga studio and she refuses to try anywhere new. No sweat (not literally), because you can still give her a clothing gift card to Frankie’s on the Park. Frankie’s stocks super fun, bright, and colorful Zara Terez leggings that will move her to the front of every class every time. Sophia Bush happens to be a fan of the yoga wear as well, so now you basically have to.


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