In honor of Ms. Kerr’s 31st birthday today, we’ve rounded up a collection of the street style star‘s best looks ever. We somehow (by the grace of the fashion gods) narrowed it down to five, and we’re showing you where you can snag her effortless style with birthday gift cards of your own.

The model/street style goddess/hot mama has a way of combining trendy pieces with classic wardrobe staples to create a cohesive closet of looks ranging from grocery store glam to playground polish. And while we’re all observing with our mouths agape, this birthday girl keeps the style coming. We’re still not sure how.

We’re still Googling: “Miranda Kerr superhero?”

It’s not as hard to steal her style as you might think, though. We know, we know… You think we’re crazy. But with the help of these featured retailers at Giftbar, nailing Miranda’s five signature styles is just a swipe of a gift card away. Now get to spending.

Classically Preppy

Collared shirt + cable knit + cat eye + pointed toe = a recipe for perfect preppy style. Miranda juxtaposes elegant accessories with menswear staples in a way only a true trendsetting prepster could. And with their love of nautical stripes, oxfords, and gingham (duh), Solid Gold boutique in Austin = the chic-ret to classic style success.


Boho Babe

Who else could rock denim, leather, a hat, and… is that a deer print handbag? Even the model’s unzipped shoes look effortlessly cool (even if it was a “rushed out the door” accident). Ad Hoc boutique in Chicago stocks boho-chic essentials like tees, vintage sunglasses, and bold gold baubles. So, if your bestie shares a bday with Miranda — and your love of her casual style — hop on board the last-minute-gifts train and send her a birthday gift card to Ad Hoc.


Edge Expertise

All black everything (save for little Flynn’s pops of color) shows that Kerr means business… and that she had officially become a New Yorker. For an equally edgy look, head to L a b o r a t o r i a boutique in Houston, where black and white are considered colors of the rainbow and leather is the 27th letter of the alphabet.


Ladylike Manner

Although a lady would never speak above an appropriate volume, Miranda’s combo of florals, barrel curls, coat-as-cape, and handbag nestled in he crook of her elbow screams sophisticated dame. Similarly, Morgan Kylee. boutique in Atlanta houses enough lace, midi-length, A-line frocks to make you beeline straight to the shop with your birthday gift cards in tow.


Glam Monster

Bright red, studs, and printed platforms. Need we say more? To rival the model’s glam gams, check out Serenella boutique in Boston for designer garb from Acne, Bottega Veneta, Giambattista Valli, and the like. Just try not to out-do her on her own signature look. She is the birthday girl, after all.


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