…It’s a lifestyle. Whether you prefer to write it, type it, say it, or scream it, “thank you” is something that often goes unsaid. Well, we’re here to change that. Giving thanks is more fun for you and the recipient when gifts are involved, because what isn’t? Not only do you get to show off the custom designer stationery you thought you definitely needed, but they’ll believe the sentiment way more than a “thx girl ;-)))” text the day after the party. We’ve all been there.

For the party thrower.

Yes, even as the hostess of the party you have to say thank you. Can you imagine if no one showed after all of the planning and perfecting? They deserve some appreciation. At The Dotted Line in Nashville, you’ll find all of your party-throwing essentials—candy for the tables, holiday tabletop accessories, and stationery for the invitations, name tags, and thank yous. Plus, you can sneak some cookies from the boutique for some pre-party stress eating and post-party self congratulations.

For the party goer.

You’re a professional by now. You keep a rack reserved specifically for the wine bottles you plan to gift the hostesses of your annual holiday parties, you know the exact dress you’re going to wear each night, and you study your notes from previous years so you know which parties to avoid on an empty stomach (she’ll just never perfect that ham recipe). Dabney Lee in New York has stationery in just about every pattern imaginable, which is perfect for catering to each individual hostess’s taste. And if you pick up the stationery early enough, you can even have your personal holiday cards customized with your favorite family photo all in the same trip. Check, check, and check.

For the party knower.

You’ve been to—and hosted—them all. New Years, Christmas, Hanukkah, you know a good holiday party like the back of your hand. Mostly because you spend hours looking at it while you write thank yous to all of the hostesses and gifters from every soiree. We’re sure you’re already familiar with TT Patton in Chicago, but just in case, we’re telling you that this is your place for thank you note must-haves. Personalized stationery, pens you won’t let yourself lose, and monogrammed leather-bound notebooks to keep track of your gift list, wish list, and thank you list. They’re experts. You’re an expert. #DreamTeam.

For the party blower.

Whoops, a night spent with Netflix in your stretchy pants just sounded too good at the time. Way better than the formal holiday dinner that would have required lipstick and heels (aka effort). The party hostess deserves a little more than a thank you for the invite. Show them you wish you had been there with a note and a personalized gift from New Jersey’s Paperfolio—if only to prove to yourself that you can put in the effort… You just chose not to at the time. Send them a thankful note on your own Paperfolio stationery, and include a holiday gift card to Paperfolio so they can pick up a few monogrammed party necessities before the next holiday bash. That you’ll for sure be attending. Definitely the next one.

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