Wakey wakey! In case you didn’t know (or have an alert on your calendar like us) National Eggs Benedict Day is April 16. Read: You have three days to warn your boss you’ll be taking the morning off… It is a national holiday, after all.

We take our benedicts seriously — whether they be eggs or Cumberbatch — so in honor of this momentous holiday, we’re sharing our favorite brunch spots from around the country (and our top picks from the menu). And if your best brunching friends don’t want to call in sick, just send them some food gift cards to one of these local eateries and they’ll start to feel “sneezy”. Cheers to sleeping in and lattes for all!

Society Fair – D.C.

If you happen to be preparing for that huge presentation this week, and taking a brunch break on Thursday just won’t fit in your schedule, don’t sweat it ladies! Society Fair’s Sunday brunch menu is what dreams are made of. You can use your restaurant gift card to grub on a belated benedict (made with all local ingredients, of course), or keep things light with a right-out-of-the-oven scone and a latte, heavy on the foam.

T Room – Dallas

Getting down in Dallas this #NationalEggsBenedictDay? You’re in luck because T Room is a brunch lover’s heaven on earth. Not only because it’s literally inside the city’s chicest shopping destination, Forty Five Ten, but also because of the delectable dishes and drinks that will guarantee stylish satiation. We’re obsessed with the avocado toast, almond milk cappuccinos, and raspberry lemonade champagne cocktails — our taste buds and Instagram followers aren’t complaining, that’s for sure.

Kitsch’n – Chicago

Chicago brunchers — get out of the kitchen and into Kitsch’n, because even though eggs benedict isn’t on the menu, the rest of the drool-worthy bites are worth a morning of celebration. When we say “coconut crusted french toast” or “chipotle bloody mary” and you don’t instantly grab your food gift card to this local brunch spot, well, we don’t think you can call yourself a real bruncher. But we know that’s not you.

Phoenicia Specialty Foods – Houston

Maybe you’re working from home and just won’t be in the mood to head straight to brunch with the girls after a morning hot yoga session that left you feeling more sweaty than brunch-ready. May we suggest using your local gift card to Phoenicia Specialty Foods? The shop has all the gourmet ingredients you’ll need to make your own eggs benedict (and some mimosas) at home. We’ll even let you keep your workout clothes on… If only for the convenient extra stretch in your yoga pants.

Also… how freakin’ adorable is this new Giftbar gift card wrapping?? Pretty freakin’ perfect for a brunch gift card if we do say so ourselves.


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