…Because they’re so picky without saying they’re picky. “I’ll like anything you get me,” and “you’re my Christmas gift,” and worst of all, “whatever,” are simply unacceptable answers, no matter how many bonus points he thinks he’s going to get for his response.

The good news is, while he may not be the biggest fan of the designer cashmere sweater you gifted him last year (and which has still yet to be worn outside of the house, or rather, the closet), we’d day it’s a pretty safe bet that most guys like golf and guitars, and most women want their guy to look good and smell great. And if this doesn’t describe your guy, we’re sure he’d be fine with a kiss under the mistletoe.

Swing Away

No, not that kind of swinging. With a Christmas gift card to Chicago Style Golf, your guy can practice his putting, watch the latest tournament with his buds, and choose a whole new set of clubs for himself. By spring, he should be ready to join the ranks of Mickelson and McIlroy (well, at least he’ll think he has a shot). Ego boosts are always a great gift when it comes to the male variety.


Jam Out

Not the sandwich kind, though we’re sure he would never refuse some good grubbing. If your guy likes music (this is a no-brainer), then send him to Chicago Music Exchange. He has those stacks of albums that he’s always playing on repeat, so why not gift him some encouragement to try rocking out on his own? He can pick—no pun intended—a brand new guitar, bass, drum set, or a set of headphones for jamming out to his favorite tunes.


Dress Up

Whether your guy lives in a suit and tie (Justin Timberlake?), or he prefers denim and a ball cap, all men need a well-fitted—nay, perfectly fitted—suit. Enter Alton Lane. If you haven’t heard of this high-tech, high-fashion haberdashery, your man must still be wearing that ill-fitted suit he purchased for his senior year prom. All suits and blazers at Alton Lane are cut to fit his exact measurements and finished in the fabric of his choosing (don’t worry, he’ll have the assistance of in-store stylists). He’ll look like the guy in the picture below. Swoon… and soon to be yours.


Spritz On

You’ve always loved the way your guy smells, but now you can have some control over his new scent by gifting him the Aroma Workshop experience. Mwahaha. He can create his own signature, clean and musky scent—with the help of the shop’s aroma experts, of course. You know, to make sure he doesn’t always smell like he just walked out of that store (hint: shirtless male models). Talk about a scent-sual gift.


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