Do you know someone who recently moved into a new home and now he’s having a housewarming party? It’s a nice idea to bring a gift. Purchasing a home is a big deal and a lot of people appreciate even a small gift to welcome them into their new dwelling.

You may not know a lot about his style preferences, though, or how he’ll decorate his house. You might be hesitant to go out and purchase something for fear someone else will buy the same thing (like barware) or it won’t be his taste (not everyone loves a ceramic rooster statue).

Instead, purchasing a gift card for a home decor store might be a better gift option. This way your friend or acquaintance can pick out exactly what he wants for his new home.

Before diving right into a selection of luxury home decor shops, consider the Giftbar of Choice. This is an ideal gift if you know very little or nothing at all about your friend or acquaintance’s home decorating preferences.

The Giftbar of Choice gives him the opportunity to shop any one of our chic home decor merchants.

For those with a better idea of the new homeowner’s design tastes, here’s a selection of high end home decor stores to choose from.

Red Barn Mercantile (Alexandria, VA)

If the new homeowner likes flea markets and antique shops, consider a gift card to Red Barn Mercantile. The shop’s owner, Amy Rutherford, wanted to create an experience for customers that catered to people who loved vintage and modern and quirky and classic. Some of the brands available include: Fishs Eddy, Catstudio and Cisco Brothers.

Acquire (Boston, MA)

This shop is a true home decor boutique. Acquire features the most stylish items for the home. The items featured in this store are modern with hints of vintage elements. For the new homeowner in need of some design help, they also offer design consultations.

Artemisia (Geneva, IL)

If you are going to a housewarming party for someone a bit more worldly or perhaps someone well traveled, they’d love a gift card to Artemisia. This is because Artemisia specializes in antique home furnishings that come from around the world. He won’t just be picking out a new piece of furniture or home accent but rather something with a story he can share with friends at future gatherings.

The new homeowner will not find the pieces in this store anywhere else. Brands featured here include: Ecru, Madonna and Child, Lasota and Nina Pak.

Nest (Dallas, TX)

For one-stop shopping, Nest is the answer. Nest offers a wide array of unique home furnishings. They also offer interior design services for the homeowner really looking to create a unified atheistic in his new home. One of the most exciting features of this store is that it’s not only about home decor. The new homeowner can also browse books, accessories and pretty much anything else he can imagine.

Selecting a gift for someone holding a housewarming party doesn’t need to be stressful. A gift card to one of these chic and stylish home decor stores is sure to please any new homeowner looking to define his personal design style.

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