Gift shopping for tykes should be easy… they’ll play with anything right? But when it comes to actually choosing a toy for the babe, the options are endless and your brain gets so overwhelmed with choices that you have to leave the store in need of some (spiked) hot chocolate. Plus, kids literally have everything these days, so chances are, even if you were able to decide on those Star Wars themed Legos, he probably already has (and has already forgotten about) them anyway. Our solution? Hanukkah gift cards. That way, they can pick their own toy to obsess over for a week and then bury at the bottom of the toy chest to never see the light of day again.

From Chicago

For the teeniest chef in-the-making. This cooking kiddo prodigy always wants to hang in the kitchen when mom and dad are making dinner, and while it’s seriously cute, it’s also probably pretty stressful for the grownups. With the Children’s Vintage Kitchen from Belle + Beau, this baking baby can “help” mom and dad without “helping” mom and dad make a mess. They’ll be on their way to culinary school in no time. (Just not too fast, please).


To Jersey

For the teeniest techie in-the-making… though, this is probably every kid on your Hanukkah gift list. They see all the grownups typing away all day long—whether on their laptops or with their nose glue to their iPhone screens—and want to do the same. Of course, no adult feels safe giving a toddler free reign over their expensive gadgets (even a mini Steve Jobs probably would have dropped your phone in the toilet), so let them play along with the iWood My First Laptop or the iWoody My First Smartphone, both available at Murray & Finn. We’re sure they’ll find an imaginary friend to Gchat or FaceTime.

GiftbarBlogHanukkahKidsGiftCards03  GiftbarBlogHanukkahKidsGiftCards02

To L.A.

For the teeniest artiste in-the-making. They may not know how to draw on their own yet, but they sure know how to color (the walls). With the Zoo Animal Flip and Draw from celeb-loved children’s boutique Pumpkinheads, you can let their creativity thrive without fear of ruining mommy’s brand new, gleaming white couches with a crayon scribble. They’ll finally have something fun to draw on! But just to be safe, maybe include washable markers and crayons with the gift. And maybe some bleach.



And back

Whoa! How’d the little one travel from coast-to-coast that quickly? Probably on his new Ancien Cycles bike. They probably won’t be able to use it for a while given the Chiberia snow and ice, but what better occasion than Hanukkah to put the pedal to the pavement (carpet for now). Ancien has wheels for all ages, including the kiddo’s first two-wheeler. All they need is a helmet, knee pads, backup bandaids, a lot of encouragement… and someone else to help them learn how to ride it.



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