There’s no better time than the holidays to indulge in some major treat-yo-self-ness (you’re pretty much expected to gain the December diez). But maybe—just maybe—you should focus on finding the right gifts for others before gifting yourself again. That’s what the other eleven months of the year are for.

Clothes can be tricky—who knows what trends she’s into these days—and while handmade gifts are heavy on the sentiment, the follow-through can be a bit of a let down (sure it’s pretty, but what do I really do with a clay teapot with cracks at the base?). The easy route? Food. Everyone likes it, and it likes everyone. Plus, there’s no better time to load up on sweets than the week before kicking off that New Year’s Resolution, right? Agree to disagree.

For the caffeine addict.

Like every other day, the holidays call for a daily cup of coffee (plus one with a little kick to it during the festivities… we’re looking at you, peppermint Bailey’s). If the java junkie on your list deserves a break from the norm (they buy from the café every morning) or a much-needed upgrade (they’re still stuck on their Folgers), give them the gift of bean bliss. Meru Coffee Farms offers only the finest grinds from Tanzania, and it’s all procured and distributed in an environmentally sound and socially responsible way. No guilt here… just a lot of post-holiday energy.

For the zenned-out friend.

They’re not really into the caffeine, but they do crave a hot mug every morning. Yes, we’re talking about those herbal tea people. The teas at TeaLula in Chicago come in a wide variety—from white, to black, to green and oolong—in close to a million flavors (this may be an exaggeration, but we’re not far off). Send them a holiday gift card so they can choose a wide varie-tea of their favorite flavors, or craft a little gift basket complete with a teapot, mug, and a few samples. Crumpets, not included.

For the zenned-out sugar addict.

Didn’t think it was possible? Sweet Buddha in Chicago knows it is. Give a holiday gift card to the kiddo on your list and they can participate in fun dance classes and pick up some sweets afterward—candy necklaces, taffy, and lollipops, anyone? The only thing missing is a chocolate river… but that might be a good thing considering there’s still a plate full of leftover cookies at home.

For everything but the kitchen sink.

No, seriously. You won’t even have to do the dishes. The Mercantile in Atlanta offers locally-produced foods that would certainly come in handy during a holiday cocktail party, but they’ll also cater family meals. No, don’t go back and re-read that… we did say they would cater dinner. A holiday gift card to the Mercantile would be ideal for the family member who hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas dinner, because they definitely need a few nights away from the kitchen. The family meal plan includes entrees, a side dish, salad bread, and desserts. And there’s absolutely no preparation needed. See? Everything but the kitchen sink.

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