It’s inevitable. At some point you are going to need a thank you gift. You might try your hardest not to rely on others for favors. One day when you may be least expecting it, someone will do something totally awesome for you. Maybe you get stranded with a flat or need a last minute babysitter for your dog.

Regardless of the circumstance, when you get bailed out of a sticky situation a thank you gift is a MUST. Gift cards are ideal, because the recipient can really take the time to treat herself to something extra special.

Here’s some thank you gift card ideas for every type of person in your life.

Gracious Host
Saved by the woman who also happens to be a killer hostess? You know the type. She’s always throwing dinner parties and taking strays in (the human kind) on the holidays. She probably loves to show off her home and her new favorite recipe. If the woman who just helped you out of jam fits this description, she’d go wild for a gift card to one of these merchants.

Do you have a friend who’s never seen a movie better than the book that inspired it? Does he also appreciate hand written correspondence and monogrammed stationary? He’s probably a bookworm. For the savior with his nose stuck in a book, consider a gift card to one of these Giftbar merchants.

Metro Man
It’s safe to say, the metro man probably has a closet better stocked and organized than your own. He’s refined, well groomed and pays attention to all the details down to the last accessory. Maybe he helped you prepare for an important business presentation or a job interview. For the man who always opts for the well tailored suit and shirt, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to any of these Giftbar merchants.

Super Mom
All moms are amazing, but the super mom seems like a super hero. Did she pick your son up at soccer practice for you when you had to work late? Or maybe she brought your family a homemade dinner when you were down and out with some terrible virus. Giver her a thank you gift card to one of these merchants. Even super heroes need a way to recharge their batteries, so does the super mom.

Guy’s Guy
The guy’s guy definitely always looks good, but it doesn’t mean he’s always (if ever) wearing a suit and tie. The guy’s guy probably feels more at home in leather boots and jeans. He still probably likes button up shirts, just in more casual styles. If the guy’s guy helped you in a moment of need, thank him with a gift card to one of these shops.

Gift cards are a great way to say thank you to someone who did something special for you or helped get your out of a tough situation. When you’re shopping at Giftbar, you’ll find plenty of unique gift card ideas suitable for anyone in your life you need to thank.

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