New at Giftbar

You know what they say… Spring forward! And even though you may still be trying to catch up on that hour of lost sleep (we’ll take our lattes with two shots, please), it’s time to get up, spring forward and take advantage of all the additions that are new at Giftbar this season. Hint: Your gift cards will look cooler, send faster, and can be used in a ton of new neighborhoods around the country.

New Wrappings

Introducing the hottest wrappers in the game. From bright chevrons to quirky mustache prints, our digital gift card wrappers have always helped elevate your gift card to the next level of style. But this season, we’re unveiling more options for every occasion. Shopping for the new little bundle of joy that just joined the fam? We’re sure the little cutie (and momma) will go ga-ga over the new Jungle Love print. And for the trendsetter who considers her gift card an accessory? The new Beatific Chevron wrapper adds a fresh twist to a Giftbar classic.


Streamlined Ordering

We’ve totally transformed our ordering process to save you time and hassle and help with your literal last minute gifting needs.

Step 1: Choose your wrapping.

Step 2: Craft your message to that special someone.

Step 3: Add a photo (only if you’d like… but why wouldn’t you?).

Step 4: Select email, text, print at home, or snail mail delivery.

Step 5: Check out your gift card creation, then checkout.

Step 6: Check your watch and realize you still have time to pour a glass of wine before The Bachelor starts.

More and More Options

And by more, we mean hundreds of cities and neighborhoods across the country. Giftbar now has over 500 merchants to choose from in 12 major metropolitan areas coast to coast, including Austin and Houston, which were just added to the roster. Don’t think we’re stopping there, though, because there’s a lot more coming your way this year… The suspense may be killing you, but in the meantime, start browsing the site. There’s always a gifting occasion around the corner.

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