Because you forgot until just now.

You can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone — no one was really expecting February 14th to sneak up on us so quickly… Wasn’t it just Christmas, like, yesterday?!

Nevertheless, we must get that Valentine’s Day shopping done. We all agree that gift cards are the way to go (even Emily thinks so), but instead of picking up an *insert department store name here* gift card on your way home from work, you can send your gift from the comfort of your own laptop.

But while you may think giving a gift certificate totally blows your last-minute cover, there are tons of ways to personalize the gift so that they won’t detect a thing.

1. Show them you were listening

While you may think twice about sending a gift certificate, believing that he or she will assume there’s no thought behind the gift — think again. Maybe she’s been wanting to try out the new nail salon she read about in Allure, or maybe he won’t stop talking about the new indoor golf simulator his buddies went to last weekend. Prove that you’ve been listening all along with a trip (on you) to the local hot spot.

And if you weren’t listening, don’t sweat it: Valentine’s Day Gifts For HerValentine’s Day Gifts For Him


2. Choose a design that screams “them”

It doesn’t matter if she’s a girly girl that loves florals, or he’s a guy that appreciates a good ‘stache — the perfect digital gift card wrapper is out there waiting to be sent to them. And if you send the voucher via email or text, you can even try out an animated design… That’ll score you some extra points in the creativity department for sure.


3. Add a lovey-dovey message

Gift cards sometimes get a bad rap for lacking sentiment. First of all, how can they get a bad rap when our custom wrappers are so great? (Ba dum tss). And secondly, when you write a tear-jerking message to include in the gift card, there’s no way your guy or gal won’t feel the love. Write a little poem, your favorite inside joke, or the classic “I love you.”


4. Include your favorite photo

Whether it’s the tattered photo you keep in your wallet, your favorite picture from the wedding, or a smokin’ hot shot of yourself (we don’t blame you), including a snapshot of your love adds an extra-personal touch to your digital gift cards. Because how can they look at your sweet face and not be struck by Cupid’s arrow? Especially when it’s accompanied by a shopping spree.


5. Declare your love with a sweet video

And if you’re not photogenic or a great speller, you can always record a sweet video message to add to your gift card. Which means you can whisper them sweet nothings, scream “I LOVE YOU” from the top of your lungs, or upload the Formation video to your Valentine’s Day gift card. Because you’re still. not. over it.


6. Make sure it arrives on time

Because nothing says last-minute gifts quite like being late. Oops. Luckily, you won’t need a tardy slip this year, because you can schedule for delivery. Which means: Buy the gift cards now, get the kisses later.



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