You’ve heard it time and time again — Small businesses need your support. That’s why we’re dedicating this week to local shopping. We’ll give you a guide to all things local later this week, but first: Why?

1. They have the same inventory

Actually, it’s safe to say that they probably have even better inventory than your go-to department stores. Local shops have the same access to great product as big box stores do, but unlike the big guys, if a local boutique is out of the size or style you need, they can usually call the brand up right away to order more just for you. Even better? Local shop owners will take the time to buy what they know their customers love, meaning no more scouring through messy racks of unwanted junk. You’ll never leave a local boutique empty-handed… or full-walleted.

2. They have Awesome customer service

When you’re a local boutique, spa and salon, or restaurant, it’s super important to make a name for yourself in the community, because most of the time, it’s your neighbors who become your loyal customers. Therefore, the customer service at small businesses put the service at big stores to shame. Not only that, but local shops actually have the ability to spend more time and attention on you. Need advice on a killer date night look? They’ll help find the perfect outfit. Looking for a size 28? Like we said before, they’ll call the denim brand right away to order more for you. How could you top that?

3. They offer personalized service

…With personalized customer service as well. Once you become a loyal customer — and start to stop in the store every Saturday on your morning coffee run — the employees will start to get a feel for your personal style. You know those Vince tees you can’t get enough of? They’ll call you when your size in back in stock, or when they have a new color in store they think you’d love. Sure stylists at big department stores can help you — that’s their job of course — but you won’t get the same stylist every time. Once you’ve become a loyal customer, shopping at your neighborhood boutique is basically like going to a fitting with your very own personal stylist.

4. They carry smaller brands

As shopaholics, we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting products and brands we’ve never heard of. Small shops have access to local makers in the community, and often have their super unique products for sale in the store — from handmade jewelry, to delicious baked goods, and all-natural beauty products. If you want one of a kind, local boutiques are truly one of a kind. (Unless they have another location a few blocks over).

5. The money is kept in the community

When you shop local, those small business owners are much more likely to take that money and put it back into your community. In fact, for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 of additional local economic activity is generated, compared to just $43 for chain store competitors. Furthermore, 48% of each purchase at an independent business is recirculated locally, as opposed to less than 14% of purchases at big box stores.

   Infographic via Amiba

6. They keep your ‘hood unique!

Every major city in America has a Nordstrom, Sephora, Pottery Barn, and at least 18 Starbucks locations. But what makes a neighborhood so special is the unique spots that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. And that might be the best reason of all to keep shopping local.

Next up in the #ShopLocal series: Where you can shop your favorite brands locally.


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