This week, we’re flying to SF. Well, virtually. Sigh.

We recently launched in San Francisco (have you heard??), and we’d do anything to hop on a plane and head over right now for an all-out gift card shopping spree.

Alas, we’re stuck at our HQ in Chicago — go Cubbies! — but to all of our SF lovers out there, get ready for some great local boutique shopping.



  • April in Paris – Handmade leather handbags. Impossibly chic. Trust us.
  • Le Point – For ultimate cool girl style. Think if your favorite blogger had a spread in Nylon.
  • Stevie Howell – Easy breezy kaftans, tunics, scarves and robes that are all designed in-house by Stevie Howell herself. Her textile designs are the perfect combination of adventurous and chic.



  • Rickshaw Bagworks – Designed and manufactured right in San Francisco. They have a bag for everything — your laptop, your iPad, and carry-alls that fit everything you tend to hoard.
  • Standard & Strange – The guy that shops at this SF men’s boutique is impeccably dressed, and just damn cool.
  • Alton Lane – You loved them in NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Boston and DC (these guys are everywhere) and now, you can shop bespoke suits in SF.



  • Aldea Baby – For a designer nursery you’ll never want to change. Sorry, baby, you’re staying in that gorgeous crib forever 😉
  • Small Frys – For the stylish small fry. This baby sets trends like a pro.



  • Earth tu Face – For natural and ethical beauty. Oh, and the products are also miracle workers. NBD.
  • Earthship – Earth tu Face’s new brick and mortar shop. Come prepared with all of your gift cards.
  • Heliotrope – More natural skincare, and it’s all made in Northern California. For ladies and gents.
  • Peninsula Beauty – For literally any beauty product you may need. From hair, to face, to body, to nails— seriously, any beauty product. Think Ulta, but locally owned.
  • Pretty Parlor – If you’re a brow person (aren’t we all by now?) you need to go to Pretty Parlor. These experts know just how to get you the Cara look.
  • Tiptoes Nail Spa – For the best mani-pedi around. No need to tiptoe around this one.
  • ZGO – A high-end apothecary and perfumery. Be prepared, the smell of the shop alone will tempt you to buy literally everything.



  • Acacia – We’re kind of obsessed with this place. If you thought your home was under accessorized before, just one trip to Acacia will solve that problem for you.
  • Aldea Home – It’s not just the nursery that gets to have all the fun… The whole house can too!
  • Jay Jeffers – Modern, simple, and chic. Just what all home decorators strive to be.
  • St. Frank – Beautiful textiles created by artisans around the world. The products are handmade and thoughtfully finished to ensure quality and authenticity.



  • Amblard Leather Atelier – Ever wanted to design and make a leather wallet or handbag with your own two hands? So have we. And now, you can.
  • University of Surfing – And while you’re at it, why not learn to surf? Hang ten, gift card lovers.

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