Because making a mess in the kitchen is our specialty.

But usually not mom’s. Mom’s specialty is cooking and actually getting all of the ingredients into the bowl. Oops.

Luckily, we have aprons. Whether passed down from your grandmother, to your mom then to you, or picked up at Target during one of those “I definitely need everything in this store” sprees, we have them. And they always have us covered 😉

Aprons have been around for probably ever, but we’re going to start our history lesson with the turn of the 20th century.

Having been worn for centuries for the more practical reasons (not ruining your brand new shirt, for example), aprons in the United States took on a more decorative state from 1900 and into the 1920s. Think ornate and heavily embroidered.

Enter the 1930s and 40s and we’re in the Depression and WWII era — not exactly a time to put extra work into decorating your apron. While aprons were often worn outside the home by women in factories, aprons worn in the kitchen also got a makeover (or under, rather). Think full-length and hefty… Cute, right?

On to the 50s, probably the first decade that came to mind when you read “aprons,” and for good reason no less. Mid-century America was the height of housewife couture. Women got their very own sewing machines and spent their time cooking for their husbands (as if), and the apron became the official uniform of the housemom. So, they used their sewing machines to decorate their aprons with cleaning, cooking and general “mom” themes.

So if this were today, they would be decorated with photos of Chris Hemsworth. Screen_Shot_2015-11-18_at_3.02.57_PM.png

By the 1960s, the era of glorified housework was on the way out, and the era of rebellious fashion was in. Kitchen aprons took on the familiar style we often see today — think: what your dad wears when he’s manning the grill, or what the cashier at the McDonald’s drive thru is wearing when they hand you your McMuffin. Simple, practical, and maybe a little fun… if we’re planning to take an Instagram photo.

But most of all, it’s the sentimental value of aprons we all love the most. They may not be in pristine shape, but that little orange stain from last year’s Pumpkin Pie Incident will always remind you of Thanksgiving with your family.

If your mom still has that one, though, we’ve scoured through our gift card local merchants and picked a few for you to choose from.

Flashback Friday Aprons Food Home Gift Cards1. OLIVES & GRACE GIFT CARDS – Organic Linen Smock $135

2. ACACIA GIFT CARDS – Washed Linen Apron $85

3. CITYWOODS GIFT CARDS – Windy City Apron $30


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