GET_THE_LOOK_home decor book gift cards

Books may seem to collect themselves, but they definitely can’t do the arranging on their own.

That’s where you come in.

The key to a bookshelf that looks like it was pulled straight from your ‘Home Decor <3’ Pinterest page is variety. Yes bookshelves are for books, but when you don’t have enough to fill the shelves to capacity, you have to make do with the empty spaces.

Stack some books vertically, some horizontally, and some with the cover facing out (save this for the books with bold, eye-catching covers). Spoiler alert: You’ll still have some void spaces, but that’s where the accessories come into play to add even more dimension.

Here’s how you can get the look of a designer bookcase.

GET_THE_LOOK_home decor book gift cards
Penguin Bright Classics $20 | Fashion Insiders’ – Paris $24.95 | The Shoe Book $50 | The Paris Style Guide $25
You can’t fill an empty bookcase without a few books. Sure you have the classics saved from high school and a few hardbacks you were forced to buy in college and never remembered to sell back, but in order to create tons of visual interest, you have to add color and bold graphics.

Keep your favorite reads stacked vertically with the binding facing out so that they’re always easy to grab. The books that you bought because they were pretty and colorful can be stacked horizontally to add contrast (and because you likely won’t need to pull one). And what to do with the ‘coffee table’ books you purchased because you couldn’t keep your eyes off the cover? Show them off! Stack these guys vertically with the covers facing out.


GET_THE_LOOK_home decor book gift cards

Glass Dome & Tray $78 | Brass Peace Sign $175 | Spike Pots $14 | Amethyst Cluster $22 | Whale Bookend Set $65 | Glass Globe Hurricanes $34
When it comes to decorating bookshelves, books are usually the main source of color. So tame your office or living room decor with neutral and metallic accessories to add both texture and shine into the mix.

Use a glass dome and tray to house a large candle or showcase seasonal accessories, and use a glass bowl (like the globes pictured above) to showcase a few succulent plants or colorful candy — we love the variety of sweets at It’Sugar (just make sure to buy in bulk). The rest of the bunch are simply statement accessories; quirky odds and ends to add a bit of whimsy to the look.


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