Get ready to get the look and get inspired.

We’ve already shown you how to perfect your office decor (inspired by the chic-office master herself, Jenna Lyons), but one major aspect of the perfect office is an inspiration board.

Non-stop work on top of stress on top of an empty coffee pot can leave you feeling pretty blah about your work. But when you have a gorgeous vision board to stare at all day, how could you not feel inspired?

Plus, it will make your office decor blog and Instagram posts that much prettier. *tap tap*

Here’s how you can get the look.


What can make you feel more inspired than photos of your friends and family? Whether it’s a photo booth strip of you and your guy from a friend’s wedding, or a pinch-worthy pic of your kids or nieces and nephews, photos are a great tool for getting in the inspiration mood.

Magazine Pages

Especially for us fashion-minded ladies out there, magazine cut outs are essential for getting the style gears going. Your favorite spread from Vogue, that Celine ad you can’t stop drooling over, or the workout you’ve had bookmarked for months but have yet to try — all totally pinnable.

Favorite Quotes

“Get sh*t done” is one of our favorites, but whatever quote it may be that gets you going, print out a graphic version of it (super easy to find on Pinterest or etsy) and pin it up with the other elements of your inspiration board.


Don’t get us wrong, we love the neutral element cork brings to the overall look of an inspiration board when it’s peaking out from behind all the images and text. But for a more cohesive look, try re-using your Giftbar gift cards to add bright, bold pattern to your board. There’s a reason we make those physical gift cards look so pretty 😉

Feeling extra inspired? Learn even more ways to re-purpose those used gift cards, and be the queen of crafts.

Move over, Martha.

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