By this time of year, we’ve all stored away our stylish winter coats in exchange for our puffy, unflattering parkas. So let’s step up our snowy style in the form of footwear.

For some of us who are used to the cold weather (we are based in Chiberia, after all), the cold weather doesn’t phase us at all.

We’ve learned to bundle up underneath our outer layer, so that we won’t have to sacrifice our stylish coats we just splurged on. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to trudge through the sludge and snow.

Nope. Our shoes get just as wet and salt-stained as even the most naive of snow bunnies. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of stylish, warm, and waterproof boots that will get you through the winter — Dry socks, guaranteed.

To preserve style sensibility

If your main concern is having waterproof boots (meaning you deal with ice instead of knee-high snow), you can opt for short boots with a bit of edge. These two options from local boutiques, Lori’s Shoes and Click Shoes, are equal parts functional and fierce.

Clark’s Reunite Go GTX $199 | CLICK SHOES GIFT CARDS
Sorel Premium Wedge $219.95 | LORI’S SHOES GIFT CARDS

To give no f**ks

If snowy climates are more your thing, tall boots are absolutely necessary. And while you may not care about style while trying to walk through a knee-deep pile of snow balancing your coffee in one hand and phone in the other, these tall boots might make you start to care.

Bos & Co Holden Boot $196 | CLICK SHOES GIFT CARDS
BearPaw Isabella Boot $129.95 | LORI’S SHOES GIFT CARDS

To stay dry and understated

And if your winters are less white than they are just rainy and damp, it’s time to upgrade your rain boots. These two options from local boutique, Ame Ame in New York, are simple, sleek, and chic.

Aigle Miss Julie Boot $215 | AME AME GIFT CARDS
Ilse Jacobsen Knee HIgh Rubber Boots $199

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