We know what you’re thinking… Give up my mid-day Reese’s break?!? But trust us, the proof is in the pudding. Or, juice, we guess.


Let’s start with the basics. A juice cleanse is typically a 3 to 5 day break from solid foods. Sounds crazy, but it really does work wonders on the mind, bod, and spirit.

One of our newest gift card merchants on Giftbar, The Garden Table in Indianapolis, offers two cleanses from which you can choose that include five juices and one nut milk per day. Yes, the nut milk will have to suffice as your dessert for a while. (But it really does taste good!!)



Toxins, guys. They’re everywhere. They’re in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the liquids we drink — everywhere. A juice cleanse helps to give your stomach a break from processing heavy solid foods and focus on detoxing your system (a natural, normal bodily process) at an increased rate. The juice, in turn, pumps your body full of micronutrients, enzymes and minerals — translation: the good stuff — thereby restoring your energy.

And if the nitty gritty health facts aren’t enough, here’s a full list of benefits.

  • Get that digestive tract back on track(t).
  • Better sleep (a dream come true?)
  • Better mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Weight loss (not drastic, guys)
  • Mental clarity (didn’t even think this was possible)
  • Increased energy
  • And they help to break you from bad eating habits. Think: That Reese’s Cup you ‘need’ every day at 1:00 or the bowl of sodium-loaded popcorn you crave while watching Scandal.



Three days prior to the cleanse, start prepping your body with raw foods, soup (light broths, not baked potato), juice and smoothies. Avoid meat, dairy, refined sugar caffeine *gulp* and alcohol. Yes, it will be difficult to have to skip the morning coffee run, but you’ll avoid the withdrawal headaches and those crumpled receipts in the bottom of your bag.


Drink one juice every two hours (to avoid feeling super hungry) and consume as much water as possible! Exclamation point because it’s important! If you feel low energy, supplement your normal bootcamp gym routine with walking or light yoga. And if you feel like you can’t go any longer without solids, treat yourself to some raw veggies or light broths. But we know you won’t have to… YOU CAN DO IT!


You made it! Time to go eat that entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s in celebration right? Wrong. Ease back into your solid foods the way you eased into the cleanse — raw foods, broths, smoothies, you get it. And keep drinking that water!!! As you should be anyway 😉

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