Girls Weekend Spa Restaurant Salon Boutique Gift Cards Chicago

The Go-Go’s said it best all the way back in 1982… Vacation’s all we ever wanted (but can’t afford, time- or money-wise). Ugh.

The problem? As much as we want a vacation, we mostly NEED a freakin’ vaca.
The solution? STAYcation. Mhmm.

Invite all your girlfriends, book a swanky (this is important… treat yourselves!!) hotel for two nights, and eat, drink, shop and pamper all of your week’s-worth of worries away.

This week, we’re dedicating our girls’ weekend guide to Chi-Town: The city of great fashion, great shopping, and most importantly, great food. So let’s (deep) dish…



ASTROWIFEY: For a GNI (that’s Girls’ Night In) in the suite, complete with room service, robes and plenty of champagne. AstroWifey will come straight to your room and give you quite possibly the coolest manicure you’ve ever had.

ZAZAZOO: Or, if you’d rather venture out into the city, Zazazoo can get you mani-pedi’d for the weekend. They also offer waxing, just in case you remembered your leather mini skirt but forgot your razor.

Hair & Makeup

CHARLES IFERGAN: There’s no time like a girls weekend to be lazy and have someone else do your hair and makeup for a change. We guarantee the stylists at this Gold Coast salon can probably do it better than you can anyway.

Facial & Massage

ACCHAA: For the hangover. After sprucing up for a night on the town, you’re going to want to strip down the next morning—after many, many cups of coffee, of course. Relax with a luxurious facial and massage from Acchaa, and you’ll be ready to #turnup again. Well, maybe one more latte first.



KITSCH’N: Forget the diet. This is your staycation and you can do what you want. This boozy brunch spot offers breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles, coconut crusted french toast (drooling) and tons more. Oh, and bloody marys. Never forget the bloody marys.


Stay In

DOMAINE SOMM: Can’t handle two nights of drinking, dancing, and 2 a.m. tacos? Stay in with the girls and order some wine using your Domaine Somm gift cards. Make sure to order ahead and have it delivered to the hotel, because let’s be real, you know you’re going to wimp out on Saturday.

Go Out

VOLO WINE BAR: In the words of Tom and Donna, this staycation weekend is all about Treating Yo Self. Grub on some gourmet eats, laugh with friends, and get a little wine drunk—It’s the best kind, AND you’ll look great after.


Michigan Ave isn’t the be-all, end-all of Chicago shopping (although it’s totally worth the hype, ladies). Check out our women’s gift card guide over on for some of the city’s most stylish hidden gems.

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