She’s here to share her top Valentine’s Day gifts from her stomping grounds of Atlanta!

Emily Foley (of Emily Suggests) is a freelance writer — for Refinery29, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc. — and on-air beauty and lifestyle expert who “is obsessed with all things beauty, has a healthy appreciation for celeb style and goes crazy for a bold, fuchsia lip.” 

She’s a girl after our own heart. 

She’s also a mommy of two, a wifey of one, and manages to run her own blog while casually interviewing A-list celebrities for our favorite magazines, all at the same time. She’s basically superwoman with a statement necklace. 

Take it away, Emily! 

Emily SuggestS

I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

The big day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to get shopping! And no matter what your take is on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’re going to be buying at least one gift, amma right? Because even people that bemoan the Hallmark nature of the holiday are still trying to look good to their loved ones. 

But since buying the perfect gift can be hard and time intensive, may I suggest a gift card? You heard me right! My husband and I started dating just a couple of weeks before my birthday, and since he really didn’t know much about me, but knew that I loved to shop, he went to the mall and bought me several gift cards to different stores and wrote me a nice card about giving me the gift of shopping. Pretty much why I married him. 

But since I’m pretty sure we all agree that a Bath & Body Works gift card ain’t cuttin’ it for Valentine’s Day, may I suggest Giftbar? You can give the gift of shopping local, give the gift of luxury and give the gift of of shopping all at once. Sweet, right? 

So here’s what I’m pining over from the Giftbar Atlanta merchants — and what your loved one could have the joy of buying if you gift her a Giftbar gift card. HINT HINT HUBBY!


1. Deborah Lippman Sweets for My Sweet Collection (via Woo Skincare + Cosmetics)
2. Relica Wisdom & Luck Necklace
3. Mara & Mine Jem Skeleton Loafer
4. Harvey Faircloth Field Jacket
5. Lafco Orange Blossom & Pomegranate Candle (via Woo Skincare + Cosmetics)
6. Ultracor Ultra Silk Camo Tech Print Leggings
7. Glowdry Blowout
8. Tiffany Chou Meeko Ring
9. Ulla Johnson Clarice Crochet Top (call W. Port for availability) 

Thanks again to Emily for sharing her picks for Valentine’s Day gift cards!! If you’re worried about forgetting to send the gift card — go buy it RIGHT NOW and remember to schedule for delivery.

You can also check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women, and our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men if you’re on the hunt for even more unique gift card ideas.

And last but not least, go check out Emily Suggests! We love her, and we think you will too.

You can also show us some love with a share… wink wink.


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