This is an emergency. Only 2 days until Christmas and you still haven’t gotten them a gift… We wonder why.

Oh that’s right. Because you’ve been putting off shopping for a reason — you have no clue what to get them.

Whether you’re buying for your brother’s latest girlfriend, your uncle that lives in Tahiti, or your mom’s best friend’s daughter (of course you picked her name), you’re at a loss at what to give them… But we’re here to help.

As we’ve said before, Christmas gift cards are the #1 most requested gift each year. But even though you know they’ll love it, you still don’t know what gift card to send them.

Luckily, there are 5 general truths about all people that you can take into consideration when trying to come up with holiday gift ideas.


1. Everyone likes candy

Even those who claim to be “savory people” have sugar cravings from time to time (while some of us have them 24/7). Brigabon Candy Co. is sure to be a crowd pleaser, offering brigadeiros (Brazilian gourmet candies that are truffle-esque) in tons of flavors — from chocolate, to pistachio, to PB&J, s’mores and our Christmastime favorite, gingerbread. #drooling



2. Everyone likes to eat

Especially before those New Year’s resolutions kick into gear. And especially when the words “gourmet” and “French” are accurate adjectives to describe said food. Little Gourmand in Nashville is a gourmet grocery store where your giftee can get his or her grub on with macarons, caviar, foie gras, and so much more. Oui oui, si’l vous plaît!



3. Everyone likes to drink

And when it comes with a free brewery tour to boot, a gift card to UNION Craft Brewing in Baltimore is a hard gift to beat. Your recipient will be able to enjoy a fresh, handcrafted pint with friends, and maybe invite you along as a way to say thanks. Our fingers are crossed for you.



4. Everyone wears socks

Usually, we like to stray from practical gifts, but Sock 101 has made this gift too hard to pass up. These aren’t just normal, 20 pack, wear-once-and-throw-away socks — they’re so much more. With this Christmas gift card, your impossible giftee can choose from tons of different colors and patterns, sign up for Sock of the Month Club, and never be embarrassed of their pants riding up again.



5. Everyone likes choice

Giftbar of Choice. Boom. Done. Shopping complete. Everyone is happy.


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