gift ideas for women most want gift cards.jpg

Drop (the diamond necklace).
Roll (out your dough in the form of gift cards).

You’ve seen it in the movies. She unwraps the gift, he smirks knowingly, and she completely melts upon seeing her brand new didn’t-know-things-could-be-this-sparkly jewelry. She cries. They kiss. The End.

But that’s in the movies. In reality, she’d much rather you leave the shopping up to her. Because when you try to think of gift ideas for women, she has to try to smile through the cringe.


This holiday season, think less about you (the glory and gratification of surprising her with a designer sweater) and more about HER (not having to fight the crowds to return said sweater).

The Facts

Two-thirds of affluent American women want gift cards.
Less than 1/5 of men will actually give them gift cards.
As a result, 70% of women are gifted clothing or jewelry.
CNN Money

Hey, Santa, was a pair of pearl earrings on her list this year? NO.

The Problem

Men want to be the holiday hero — the guy who wins “Best Husband” for spending thousands of dollars on jewelry and clothing he saw when he flipped through the Vogue on her nightstand.

But the real hero is the guy that listens (this isn’t just holiday advice, fellas). When she tells you she wants a gift card, just get her a gift card!! Because if there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that she knows how to shop for herself. We’re women… We like to shop. What can we say?

The Solution

Give Giftbar. She gets the gift card she wants, and you still get the glory of giving her unique holiday gifts she didn’t expect.

Why? Because you can still show how well you listen by sending her a gift card to her favorite local boutique (aka the one she makes you go into every Sunday on your walk home from brunch). AND you can include a sweet video message or your favorite photo of the two of you.

Or if you know she’s picky, you can send a Giftbar of Choice.

HOW THIS BENEFITS YOU: You can get your holiday shopping done from the couch while watching the game  ✔

HOW THIS BENEFITS HER: She gets to go on a shopping spree (rather than a returning spree). She discovers that offers gift cards to all of her favorite shops… And she bookmarks it for future “sh*t I forgot his birthday” use  ✔


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