Black Friday shopping from bed? Now that’s the perfect cure for a turkey hangover.

Let’s face it. Unless it’s some sort of long-standing tradition (or you really, REALLY need a $10 flat screen TV), waking up before the dawn even cracks to go Black Friday shopping is literally a nightmare.

The hour, the crowds, the mania, and the “how are these already empty it’s 5 a.m.” shelves are enough to convince even the savviest of shoppers to stay in bed.

Luckily, the best gifts can be purchased from bed.
*GASP* For real?!
Yes, really for real.


With Giftbar, you can design and personalize unique gift cards and top gift cards to local merchants from around the country, include a video message — a new feature we’re obsessed with — and then send the digital gift card instantly (or schedule it for later delivery) via text, email, mail, or print-at-home.

And the best part: You don’t have to change out of your PJs AND you get to sleep in! All you need is a phone or computer, a list of recipients (because we all know that no one has been checked off yet) and a pair of stretchy pants so you can eat leftovers in bed.


So this year, give the gift of ease (to yourself) and the gift of choice (to them). Everyone wins, and nobody gets trampled.

And when you’re designing your instant gift card, you may be in a rush, but don’t forget to check out our new holiday collection of wrappers — perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah or just general winter-y occasions.


Check back Monday for even more Cyber Monday deals… We ARE a digital company, after all (wink wink)!

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