Friends out East? Give them a gift card for ‘snowfall achievement’!

Winter storm Jonas is officially here, and everyone out East is feeling the burn… of frostbite. The best way to warm them up and lift their stir-crazy spirits? With an “I’m thinking of you, but I’m glad I’m not there” gift certificate! Because there’s no better way to celebrate finally leaving the house than with a shopping spree.


Ooof, those guys have it the worst. Two feet of snow?? Even the tallest of snow boots won’t keep your jeans from getting wet. If you have a friend in the capital, keep their tootsies dry with a gift card to Bishop Boutique, or let them defrost with a food gift card to Society Fair. Four rounds of hot chocolate, please!

For those of you with pals in Baltimore, a gift card to UNION Craft Brewing will help them forget that Jonas ever even knocked on their door. And for the kids — send them a Kinderhook Snacks gift certificate. Milk and cookies is a much better combo than milk and bread, right?


These guys aren’t in quite as deep, but they will have to swap out their cute designer coats for a glorified sleeping bag. To congratulate them for making it through the storm, reward them with a gift certificate for a facial. We all know how cold and wind can wreak absolute havoc on your skin (even though it does save you the trouble of putting on blush).

In NYC, an exhale gift card will get their skin re-hydrated. There is an exhale location in Boston as well, but MZ Skin Care is also a great option. And for friends and family in Philly, show them some brotherly love with spa gift certificates to Donna Scott Secret Med Spa or Rescue Spa.

We know that braving through the blizzard will be pretty miserable for the 50 million people affected, but on the bright side, at least they won’t have to change out of their pajamas for a few days. And they finally have an excuse to catch up on all of their shows.

Is it bad to say we’re kind of jealous?

Yes. Yes it is.

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