Bikini season may be over, but the holidays are right around the corner, and you don’t want to have to deprive yourself of the candy this month or the turkey next month. Enter the barre workout.

First it was yoga, then pilates, spinning, and now everywhere you go there are more neighborhood barres than there are neighborhood bars.

Barre is the latest craze is group fitness, and it’s no secret why… Of course we want to look like ballerinas. And while the transformation into a white swan isn’t guaranteed (why can’t we all be Natalie Portman??), you’ll definitely see results.

What It Is

Barre classes typically combine postures inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates for a full-body workout. The barre is used as a balancing tool while doing isometric strength exercises (translation: working out while not moving your body… feel the burn!!), but high-rep, small range of motion exercises are incorporated as well.

Most classes will start with an arm warm up of pushups, planks and a bit of free weights. You’ll then move to the barre where you’ll work on toning those butts and thighs — all the while engaging your core. You’ll end with a cool down of a lot of stretching and a lot of wondering how real ballerinas stand on their toes for so long.

What It Does

You’ll see results quickly, which is a huge benefit if you ask most women. Barre exercise can help with posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. So you’ll sit up straighter, feel better and finally chill out. Sounds pretty good, right? Plus most classes are only 60 minutes long, so a Saturday morning post-hangover workout isn’t as daunting.

What You Need

Think easy and like you’re going to run errands — yep, all you really need are yoga pants, a sports bra and a tank. As for footwear, you really don’t need any. Going barefoot or using grippy socks will do the trick.

Where To Go

The Dailey Method – Chicago


LOCATIONS: Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Naperville, Northbrook

PRICE: $23 (single) – $480 (for 30)

The Dailey Method Fitness Gift Cards

Exhale – Everywhere


LOCATIONS: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Miami, New York, Connecticut

PRICE: $25 (single) – $430 (for 20)

Exhale Fitness Gift Cards


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