Gladiator style doesn’t always mean togas and sandals. Sometimes, it means a suit. Just ask Olivia Pope.

We’ve definitely never seen her wear sandals—not even when she was standing in the sun with Jake—but we do remember Ms. Pope rocking a seriously elegant version of a toga during a rendezvous with Fitz.

OK, so it was a Donna Karan sweater. But who looks that good when they’re interrupted lounging in their PJs?! There’s not a drop of red wine to be found anywhere on her neutral loungewear. Now that’s a real gladiator skill.

This week we’re going to steal her style from New Orleans boutique, Pied Nu (yep, that’s right! You can now purchase NOLA gift cards). The selection is modern and impossibly chic — Just like Olivia herself.


The Coat

Olivia has more coats than any woman should ever need, yet we find ourselves drooling over her latest outerwear every single episode. She likes them tailored, minimalist in design, and neutral. No surprises here.


M. Patmos Belted Poncho | Dorothee Schumacher Radical Chic Coat | Megan Park Zerene Embroidered Bomber Jacket

The Pants

This Gladiator in a Suit rarely wears a skirt, instead opting for a sleek sophisticated pant. When she’s on the job, she usually goes with the wide-leg variety… But we’re obsessed with trench, knee highs and skinny pants-wearing Olivia circa the helicopter scene (you know the one).


Dorothee Schumacher Aesthetic Attempt Leather Pant | Dosa Slim Travel Pant | Dorothee Schumacher Technical Impulse High Waisted Pant

The Blouse

And what exactly does one pair with a killer pair of trousers? A billowy blouse, of course. Olivia tends to keep the structural components of her style in the hall closet (we’re talking coats) and usually drapes herself in an elegant, silky top. Who wouldn’t show off those collar bones? They’re the best in the game.


Jupe by Jackie Malone Silk Top | Layla Akilah Top | M. Patmos Sleeveless Turtleneck

The Dress

If there’s one thing Olivia loves (since she still can’t seem to choose between Jake or Fitz even though Mellie literally moved out of the White House for her), it’s pants. Preferably wide leg and white when she’s feeling feisty. But being a high-powered fixer in DC comes with its fair share of fancy events. As per her usual style, Olivia typically opts for a black or white shift.


Megan Park Shellwork Beaded Silk Kaftan | Layla Kerala Silk Dress | Dorothee Schumacher Lusting Impulse Dress

The Bag

No, not as in the baggage Olivia hauls around with her all over DC (Papa Pope, for example). We’re talking killer handbag game. Olivia puts work before anything else, so the badass boss bitch—not to be confused with “bitch baby“—needs a daytime bag that can hold all of her fixer essentials and an evening clutch that can take her straight from the office to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Because she’s just that important.


Linde Gallery Flamands Suede Tote | Jack Gomme Amie Tote | Jamin Puech Chaillot Beaded Shoulder Bag

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