Spring will be here any day now, at least according to Punxsutawney Phil.

And when the sun starts to peek out (and so do your arms and legs) you won’t want to have to start from scratch when it comes to your skin.

Luckily, we have skincare experts on our side who can keep our skin in shape even in the deadliest of dead winters. And although we’ve been pretty lucky this season considering years past — remember Chiberia? We’re still trying to forget — our skin is still in need of some major TLC. Tinted moisturizer. Luminizer. Cleansing oils.

So we’ve put together some rules for your winter beauty routine that will keep your skin glowing all season long. And with the help of these products from local boutiques and apothecaries, you can say so long to dry, irritated winter skin forever. Or at least until next year.

Face Products

During the winter, your face is pretty much the only part of your body that gets to see the sun. Unfortunately, that means it’s also the part of your body most susceptible to the ultra-drying wind and cold.


1. Stray from foaming cleansers.

We all like that squeaky clean feeling, but foaming cleansers can make your skin even dryer than it already is. Womp womp. The solution: Go for oil-based cleansers like the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil by Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. The cleanser lifts away impurities and removes makeup, while helping to soften and hydrate your skin.

2. Exfoliate the dead skin away.

With dry skin comes dead skin, and nothing makes your skin look duller, which is why exfoliating is the key to smooth, radiant skin in the winter. Of course, scrubs can be pretty hard on sensitive skin, but the Protein Exfoliating Mask by Osmia Organics acts as a gentle exfoliator, working to resurface your skin with protein-rich adzuki beans and quinoa, while moisturizing deeper layers of the skin with essential oils.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

It may seem counterintuitive to put oil on your face — who wants extra shine? — but when your skin is in desperate need of some moisture, the quickest way to get the dewy, glowing look we all crave is with a drop of facial oil. We like the Huile Moderne 004 Hydrating Face Oil by Olie Biologique because it blends rosehip and argan oil to instantly hydrate and heal for silkier, smoother skin.

Makeup Products

You can moisturize, scrub, and oil up all you want, but the truth is, your skin just looks better and brighter in the summer. Why? Because it sees the sun! Brighten up your dull winter skin with the help of a faux tint, a bit of shimmer, and a pop of color.


1. Protect your skin.

While healing our irritated winter skin may be the main priority, it’s also important to help prevent further damage. You guessed it — You still need to wear sunscreen. It not only helps with sun damage (yes, you can still get it on a cloudy day), but when it’s in the form of a tinted moisturizer, it also helps fake a bronze glow. Ilia’s Sheer Tinted Moisturizer protects with SPF 30 and hydrates your skin leaving a dewy, glowy finish. Who says summer can’t last all year long? Oh right, Mother Nature.

2. Brighten it up.

Another way to fake a glow? With the RMS Beauty Living Luminzer highlighter, glowing skin is just a few dabs away. Simply apply sparingly with your fingers over the cheekbones, down the nose, along the inner corner of the eye, and on the cupid’s bow for a natural-looking glow that we know isn’t natural, but no one else will suspect a thing.

3. Smooth operator.

Besides the skin, your lips are trhe most visible sign of aging, so keeping them hydrated is a necessity. The Tinted Lip Conditioner by Ilia delivers smooth, creamy hydration for a healthy, moisturized look that isn’t cakey. Because cake belongs in your mouth, not on it. Bonus: The gorgeous tints can also act as an accessory in the winter when you’re covered head to toe in black and gray.

Body Products

Even though your limbs are covered up by a layer or two (or three or four) during winter months, the skin on your arms and legs can still feel the effects of dry air and start to flake and itch, so don’t forget to show it some love.


1. Stay soft.

Oil is good for hydrating the skin on your face, but it’s also essential for keeping the skin healthy below the neck. The Organic Five-Oil Moisturizing Blend by Heliotrope combines sunflower, avocado, sesame, and sweet almond oils that penetrate the skin, leaving it supple, soft, and hydrated. Another pro tip to keep your skin soft in the winter: Stay away from hot water in the shower — it majorly dehydrates your skin. Keep that faucet at a neutral position, ladies. 

2. Give yourself a hand.

While your paws may be stuffed in your pockets while you’re shuffling your way down the sidewalk, it doesn’t take much exposure to leave your hands feeling dry, cracked, and rough. So when you’re digging through your bag looking for your keys, carrying your coffee cup, or checking your emails while you walk, your hands are feeling the effects of the winter cold. Heliotrope’s Shea & Beeswax Hand & Cuticle Therapy extra-rich cream heals, repairs, and soothes your parched skin.  

3. Exfoliate the dead skin away (this time on your body).

Because flaky skin doesn’t look good on any part of the body. The Walnut & Botanical Exfoliating Wash by Heliotrope soothes dry skin and seals in moisture while exfoliating away dead skin cells with black walnut. The body wash is completely organic and comes in your choice of scent (including fragrance free for those of us with ultra-sensitive skin).

And the number one, absolute best, most foolproof way to keep your skin healthy all year long?
Water. Water. More water. And even more water.


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